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Syllabification: mix·ture
Pronunciation: /ˈmiksCHər


  • 1A substance made by mixing other substances together: form the mixture into a manageable dough shandy is a mixture of beer and lemonade
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    • The master's meal consisted of a loaf of bread stuffed with a mixture of meat and vegetables, and his glass was filled with wine.
    • Raw fish, called ika, is marinated in lemon juice or a mixture of vinegar, oil, and salt and served with chopped onion and coconut cream.
    • Chang describes silver clay as a mixture of pure silver powder, water and glue.
  • 1.1The process of mixing or being mixed.
  • 1.2 (a mixture of) A combination of different qualities, things, or emotions in which the component elements are individually distinct: she thumped the pillow with a mixture of anger and frustration the old town is a mixture of narrow medieval streets and 18th-century architecture
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    • I think that the truth is that it is a mixture of different elements.
    • Pirates is a mixture of two distinct elements: land-based adventure and sea-based combat.
    • The trees will make way for the enlargement of the community recreation ground and are to be replaced with a mixture of different varieties elsewhere within the park.
  • 1.3A person regarded as a combination of qualities and attributes: he was a curious mixture, an unpredictable man
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    • That lobby is a curious mixture of interests, reflected in influential sections of the newspaper world, with little in common except their hostility to Europe.
    • A curious mixture of vanity and insecurity, she is keen to play down her on-screen image.
    • He is a curious mixture, this Freddie who gets a Christmas card from the PRIME Minister and sees himself as an anti-establishment traditionalist.
  • 1.4 Chemistry The product of the random distribution of one substance through another without any chemical reaction, as distinct from a compound.
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    • Whereas ester waxes are produced directly by living organisms, paraffin waxes consist of mixtures of high molecular weight hydrocarbons separated during the fractionation of petroleum.
    • Airports can avoid repeated applications of ethylene or propylene glycol mixtures and reduce not only pollution, but also delays.
    • Research into the cellular and molecular biological responses to impact by chemical compounds and mixtures is ongoing.
  • 1.5The charge of gas or vapor mixed with air that is admitted to the cylinder of an internal combustion engine, especially as regards the ratio of fuel to air: newer pilots often leave their mixture rich during an entire flight
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    • 51 Use carburetor heat to help vaporize the fuel and enrich the mixture.
    • I put my fuel mixture on rich, prop on full climb, and slowly released my brakes.
    • An inspection revealed that the fuel-air mixture in the F2 fuel tank had ignited and caused moderate damage to the airframe.
  • 1.6 (also mixture stop) An organ stop in which each key sounds a group of small pipes of different pitches, giving a very bright tone.
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    • Then you have mixtures, which are basically many different pitched pipes on one note, depending on the mixtures in different intervals.
    • Weisflog rattles off the planned improvements: new choir ranks in both organs, several mixture stops, a pedal open diapason, and an en chamade or horizontal state trumpet to lend pomp and pageantry to academic convocations.


late Middle English: from French mixture or Latin mixtura (see mixed).

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