Definition of monarch in English:


Syllabification: mon·arch
Pronunciation: /ˈmänərk
, ˈmänˌärk


1A sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor.
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  • Since then I have described the Queen as our monarch or sovereign, and the governor-general as our head of state.
  • The English and French monarchs were kings and queens of the land and not the people.
  • The British annexed Burma in 1886 during the reign of its last monarch - King Thibaw - who was taken to Calcutta, where he died in 1916.
2 see monarch butterfly.
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  • White-bellied sea eagle, Blue-throated flycatcher and black-naped monarch flycatcher were some of the birds that could be sighted in the city.


late Middle English: from late Latin monarcha, from Greek monarkhēs, from monos 'alone' + arkhein 'to rule'.



Pronunciation: /məˈnärkəl/
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  • This ideologically sets the country apart from other feudal, traditional, theocratic, primordial or monarchal systems of government.
  • He contended that every page of Mitford's History had falsehoods, all stemming from his anti-democratic passion and his excessive regard for monarchal and aristocratic power.
  • The classic seventeenth-century patriarchalism that linked monarchal and paternal creative power would not endure.


Pronunciation: /məˈnärkēəl/
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  • The system provides for the perpetration of a monarchial power structure that should have been abandoned with our first revolution 228 years ago.
  • The earliest block, found in the monarchial period, appears in fact to be the most recent.
  • Only three or four attained ministerial posts with some influence on national policies in an increasingly autocratic monarchial regime.


Pronunciation: /məˈnärkik/
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  • Also, he was uncomfortable with formality, dignity or the symbolic and monarchic aspects of the Presidency.
  • The sceptre is believed to be a symbol for a monarchic or theocratic order, or a combination of the two.
  • For several centuries until the end of monarchic historical Armenia in 1045 and Cilicia in 1375, there were aristocratic noble houses with their respective court-related responsibilities.


Pronunciation: /məˈnärkikəl/
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  • Our objective is to replace the monarchical principle of sovereignty with one based on the people.
  • Nonetheless, these votes represent a break with that country's stark tradition of monarchical absolutism.
  • And while the liberal-nationalist élites were still active, their campaigns would be cut off by governments in defence of the monarchical principle.


Pronunciation: /məˈnärkik(ə)lē/
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  • The majority of monarchically inclined citizens traditionally vote for this party.

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