Definition of mote in English:


Syllabification: mote
Pronunciation: /mōt


A tiny piece of a substance: the tiniest mote of dust
More example sentences
  • A beam of light had broken through the canopy and caught the motes of dust and tiny midges floating around in the golden light.
  • But a Leonid meteor is tiny, a supersonic mote of dust.
  • Tiny water droplets are borne on the air like dust motes, sparkling in the glare from the banks of fluorescent lights in the canopy above the petrol pumps.
speck, particle, grain, spot, fleck, atom, scintilla


Old English mot, related to Dutch mot 'dust, sawdust'.


a mote in someone's eye

A fault in a person that is less serious than one in someone else who is being critical.
[with biblical allusion to Matt. 7:3]
More example sentences
  • So East had a mote in his eye and was fortunate that his partner did not notice it.
  • I despise how easily these extremists strive to pluck the mote out of someone else's eye while leaving the well-rooted tree that's in their own.
  • But if he noticed the beam in the eye of the other, he could not see the mote in his own.

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