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Syllabification: mouth·piece
Pronunciation: /ˈmouTHˌpēs


1A thing designed to be put in or against the mouth: the snorkel’s mouthpiece
More example sentences
  • MDIs are designed with a mouthpiece that maximizes deposition of the medication in the small airways when used properly.
  • Couriel and colleagues asked children to use a snorkel mouthpiece, and make no mention of distraction techniques.
  • If you don't have a spacer tube, place the mouthpiece of the inhaler unit about 2 inches in front of your open mouth.
1.1A part of a musical instrument placed between or against the lips.
More example sentences
  • A narrow, mainly cylindrical bore with a sharp cup mouthpiece, such as on the Baroque natural trumpet, helps high notes.
  • Our halftime performance isn't the best we've ever played it, due to the cold weather freezing the brass' mouthpieces and the woodwinds' reeds.
  • Saxes are quirky in that they have the mouthpiece of a woodwind, but the body (conical rather than cylindrical) of a brass instrument.
1.2The part of a telephone for speaking into.
More example sentences
  • Alexis covered the mouthpiece of the phone and rolled her eyes at him.
  • He turned to me and covered the mouthpiece of the phone.
  • A weird noise then, as if he had his hand covering the mouthpiece of the phone.
1.3The part of a tobacco pipe placed between the lips.
More example sentences
  • The shape of the mouthpiece plays a key role in the pipe smoking experience.
  • Hand the pipe with the mouthpiece facing the next smoker, even when the bowl isn't hot.
1.4A mouthguard.
More example sentences
  • I bite hard on my regulator mouthpiece with the shock, and my face quickly goes numb.
  • In the middle of the fight Sanchez got very winded, and asked his corner to replace his double mouthpiece with a single.
  • On two of those occasions, Griffin knocked Reid's mouthpiece out.
2chiefly derogatory A person or organization that speaks on behalf of another person or organization: they become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the company
More example sentences
  • I was never going to betray my country or become a propaganda mouthpiece for anyone.
  • I was never going to betray my country or become a propaganda mouthpiece for anyone.
  • For a start, we can expose the hypocrisy of Murdoch and his media mouthpieces.
spokesperson, spokesman, spokeswoman, speaker, agent, representative, propagandist, voice; organ, channel, vehicle, instrument
2.1North American informal A lawyer.
More example sentences
  • The difficulty is that first of all you never buy a mouthpiece, otherwise the judges couldn't do what they do impartially.
  • The developers have their mouthpiece lawyers in the city council meeting every morning while the rest of us are making love or rhyming words… how you gonna fight that?
  • Their Australian mouthpiece refers to their copyright control of that VeriChip device and their PLD systems.

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