Definition of musk turtle in English:

musk turtle

Syllabification: musk tur·tle


A small drab-colored American freshwater turtle that has scent glands that produce an unpleasant musky odor when the turtle is disturbed. Also called stinkpot.
  • Genus Sternotherus, family Kinosternidae: several species, including the common musk turtle (S. odoratus)
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  • In Florida and south-central Texas, common musk turtles may be active all year long, but farther north, common musks are usually forced to hibernate in winter.
  • American mud and musk turtles are found mainly in eastern and southern North America and as far south as Argentina in South America.
  • Mud and musk turtles of the United States include the common mud turtle, common musk turtle, razor-backed musk turtle, and yellow mud turtle.

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