Definition of naturally in English:


Syllabification: nat·u·ral·ly
Pronunciation: /ˈnaCH(ə)rəlē


1In a natural manner, in particular.
1.1In a normal manner; without distortion or exaggeration: act naturally
More example sentences
  • Zen monks are unique people - fanciful and bizarre, spontaneous action comes naturally to them.
  • Today is International Left-Handed Day, which I shall celebrate by being left-handed all day (something that comes naturally to me).
  • The babies with all their new-found freedom and the challenges of buoyancy, will do what comes naturally to them, surprising and delighting not just themselves but their parents too.
normally, in a natural manner/way, unaffectedly, spontaneously, genuinely, unpretentiously
informal natural
1.2As a natural result: one leads naturally into the other
More example sentences
  • The theoretical results presented above lead naturally to several computational applications.
  • When young students come together, the result is naturally chaos and confusion.
  • The happy result of such a decision is that it leads you naturally to support the local economy and craftspeople, who are adept at working with native materials.
1.3Without special help or intervention: naturally curly hair
More example sentences
  • Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight?
  • My most memorable feature was my quantity of fine golden hair, naturally curly but not fuzzy.
  • I put on my clothes and leave my hair to dry naturally because it goes curlier that way.
2 [sentence adverb] As may be expected; of course: naturally, I hoped for the best
More example sentences
  • He was a cross between David Niven and Spike Milligan, and you never knew what to expect, so naturally we children were always delighted to see him.
  • When someone uses language that strong, you'd naturally expect him to have the facts to back up his words.
  • And naturally I don't expect agreement on that, so there's no point in arguing it.
of course, as might be expected, needless to say;
obviously, clearly, it goes without saying

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