Definition of nephridium in English:


Syllabification: ne·phrid·i·um
Pronunciation: /nəˈfridēəm

noun (plural nephridia /-ˈfridēə/)

(In many invertebrate animals) a tubule open to the exterior that acts as an organ of excretion or osmoregulation. It typically has ciliated or flagellated cells and absorptive walls.
More example sentences
  • The organs they produce include segmental muscles, nephridia, gonads and gonoducts.
  • Gametes are shed into the coelom and carried outside the body through the nephridia or as a result of the body wall actually rupturing.
  • Torsion in gastropods has the unfortunate result that wastes are expelled from the gut and nephridia near the gills.


late 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek nephrion (diminutive of nephros 'kidney') + the diminutive ending -idium.



More example sentences
  • Nemerteans possess protonephridia consisting of multiciliated terminal cells, a ciliated nephridial duct and a nephridiopore opening at the epidermis.
  • For example, Nielsen cites the nonsegmental nature of these cavities in nemerteans and the lack of associated metanephridia or otherwise open nephridial connections as evidence against homology.
  • The whole layer of nephridial cytoplasm surrounding the radiating canals is 1 to 1.5 micron thick.

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