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Syllabification: nerd
Pronunciation: /nərd


1A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious: one of those nerds who never asked a girl to dance
More example sentences
  • Devoid of social skills and eternally depressing, Pekar's voice speaks for nerds, social inadequates and all else on the margins of society.
  • Recently we noticed some net nerds have been forming social clubs under the banner ‘Free Culture’.
  • Most of the editors will readily admit to being any of the following: dorks, nerds, or geeks.
informal dork, dweeb, Poindexter, nimrod, geek, drip, loser
1.1A single-minded expert in a particular technical field: a computer nerd
More example sentences
  • So what does an under-the-weather computer nerd do to survive a sick day?
  • A brilliant computer nerd overcame entrenched foes and now heads the firm.
  • A self-confessed computer nerd, Schilling is the perfect pitcher for the digital age.


1950s: of unknown origin.



More example sentences
  • The result has a kind of purity of intent, and, for all its putative nerdiness, a refreshing lack of self-consciousness.
  • You will stand or fall on attention to detail, so indulge your forensic nerdiness and get up close and personal with the minutiae.
  • For a while we felt that we had to hide our dorky nerdiness.


More example sentences
  • He lists the tasks awaiting him with a nerdish enthusiasm: ‘the process things about how you get regulatory approval’, he says - the tax considerations, the listing documents, court filings.
  • These are the things that made him into not just a writer, but a functioning human being, no longer nerdish or obsessive, but alert - and honest - enough to reclaim and make sense of his younger, stranger self.
  • What the average art-lover wants, though, especially from Edinburgh in August, is not nerdish information so much as a memorable visual experience, in this case superb pictures that will exhilarate and electrify.


More example sentences
  • You get used to the opportunities to reinvent yourself as well - by the time I got to Perth, I had realised how easy it was to create my own backstory and circumvent the nerdishness and bullying of previous schools.
  • Once, on a flight across America, I was guilty of a similar display of nerdishness when I looked down to see, and recognise, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
  • No doubt we're supposed to think this is funny, and giggle about this guy's nerdishness behind his back, but he actually makes a lot of good points.


More example sentences
  • For a band that come off as introverted and nerdy in interviews, they were shockingly theatrical.
  • And best of all, all the men are just as nerdy and unattractive as he is.
  • Russia should worry about a bunch of nerdy countries and pathetic activists like Greenpeace?

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