Definition of nodule in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈnäjo͞ol/


1A small swelling or aggregation of cells in the body, especially an abnormal one.
Example sentences
  • Regional adenopathy, satellite lesions, and subcutaneous nodules can be present.
  • A computed tomography scan showed multiple nodules in the liver and bilateral pulmonary metastasis.
  • Except for her purulent, multifocal, subcutaneous nodules, she was generally in good health.
1.1 (usually root nodule) A swelling on a root of a leguminous plant, containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
Example sentences
  • From this point on, the bacteria and the plant - members of two separate kingdoms - share the know-how and labor needed to construct what is essentially a new organ: a fully operational nitrogen-fixing root nodule.
  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the root nodules of leguminous plants (such as peas and clover) take in nitrogen direct from the air and pass it on to the plant, both feeding the plant and enriching the soil.
  • In return, the plant shelters and nourishes the bacterium inside root nodules, where nitrogen fixation occurs.
2A small rounded lump of matter distinct from its surroundings, for example, of flint in chalk, carbon in cast iron, or a mineral on the seabed.
Example sentences
  • It is more visible when there are beds rich in clays, shell layers, or flints nodules.
  • Turquoise here was found as vein fillings and nodules in weathered Precambrian granite.
  • Crystals of brown sphalerite are found in fractures and on the surfaces of some chert nodules.



Pronunciation: /ˈnäjələr/
Example sentences
  • The most recent find was a spectacular nodular formation of green apophyllite on white petal-shaped stilbite, discovered last year.
  • No bile ducts were involved in the nodular lesion.
  • For example, nodular hyperplasia of the thyroid may present as perithyroidal nodules.


Pronunciation: /ˈnäjəˌlādid/
Example sentences
  • Roots of individual plants were visually classified into two groups: nodulated and nonnodulated, as previously described.
  • In good conditions, a well nodulated soybean plant should have five to seven nodules on the tap root two weeks after emergence or twelve nodules per inch of tap root at flowering.
  • Soon after flowering and pod set, if soil residual nitrogen is low and plants are poorly nodulated, nitrogen deficiency symptoms may appear.


Pronunciation: /ˌnäjəˈlāSHən/
Example sentences
  • However, root nodules do not use nitrogen gas efficiently in the presence of a significant level of nitrate in the soil, because nitrate inhibits nodulation and nitrogenase activity.
  • The level of nitrate supply was chosen to limit, but not suppress, nodulation and symbiotic nitrogen fixation.
  • As always, when investigating nodulation in fields, it is extremely important to remember the high variability that occurs across years, water levels, and soil types.


Pronunciation: /ˈnäjəlōs/
Example sentences
  • This is a small, very deep water species, readily identified by the nodulose ribs on the shell.
  • In addition, the nodulose surface strip is a relatively inexpensive item that can easily be replaced when worn out.
  • Microscopically, this type of mushroom is easily distinguished by its nodulose spores.


Pronunciation: /-jələs/
Example sentences
  • Sediment structures are characterized by the extreme abundance of roots and nodulous or irregular laminations.
  • It may also damage nerves in the face, arms and legs and lead to clawed hands, a nodulous swollen face, or sores on the hands and feet.
  • The shell surface of the periwinkle can be smooth or nodulous.


Late Middle English: from Latin nodulus, diminutive of nodus 'knot'.

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