Definition of normalize in English:


Syllabification: nor·mal·ize
Pronunciation: /ˈnôrməˌlīz


1 [with object] Bring or return to a normal condition or state: he wants to begin negotiations to normalize relations [no object]: the situation had normalized
More example sentences
  • The talks were originally meant to focus on normalizing diplomatic relations which would bring Japanese economic aid to North Korea.
  • Between 1988 and 1994, China normalized or established diplomatic relations with 18 countries, as well as with the Soviet successor states.
  • The adverse balance has persisted since 1965, when the two countries normalized their diplomatic relations.
2 [with object] Mathematics Multiply (a series, function, or item of data) by a factor that makes the norm or some associated quantity such as an integral equal to a desired value (usually 1).
More example sentences
  • For this analysis, all residual values were normalized according to the square-root of the line scan intensity and plotted as a function of distance from the nearest Z line.
  • Following convention, quantity terms were normalized using the data means to have mean values of one.
  • Areas under spectral curves were first normalized to the same value before curves were subtracted.
2.1 Computing (In floating-point representation) express (a number) in the standard form with regard to the position of the radix point, usually immediately following the first nonzero digit.



Pronunciation: /ˌnôrmələˈzāSHən/
More example sentences
  • This normalization is institutionalized by different public and private US agencies.
  • I have database design exam this Friday and I as yet don't know what normalization is, or rather how to do it.
  • Thirty years have passed since the normalization of relations between China and Japan.



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