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Syllabification: oar


1A pole with a flat blade, pivoting in an oar lock, used to row or steer a boat through the water.
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  • As well as traditional rowing oars and sculls, they manufacture oars for surf boat rowing, and transatlantic teams.
  • I love being on the water, I love the sound the water makes and the oars on the boat, all of those things.
  • Organised by the Gauteng Dragon Boat Association, long boats and oars will be provided for participants who do not have their own team boat.
1.1A rower.
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  • The crew suddenly lost their stroke oar to eligibility issues, and Erickson was back to the drawing board to find a line-up.
  • He is considered by many as the best ‘stroke’ oar in the long history of lightweight rowing at Harvard.
  • The person on the port side all the way aft is the stroke oar, the rower who sets the pace that everyone else must match.


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Row; propel with or as with oars: oaring the sea like madmen [no object]: oaring through the weeds
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  • They're oared to the docks where a Guild Estimator boards and examines the cargo, noting its quality and determining the number of lots that will go up for sale.
  • In May, foods and prayers are offered to Tin Hau, the goddess of fishermen, and the following month the brightly decorated Dragon Boats are oared swiftly in races through Hong Kong's waters.
  • But everything progressed smoothly and he oared his canopy slow and smooth on the calm river, along with many others, all dreaming to reach the pinnacle of success through self-actualization.


Old English ār, of Germanic origin; related to Danish and Norwegian åre.


put in one's oar

informal Give an opinion without being asked.
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  • Until the PC do-gooders stuck their oar in, schools could punish those who needed it.
  • Excuse me for sticking my oar in, but for me there can be only one winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, which will be announced today.
  • Worse still, she's been sticking her oar in with a new staff member - giving her her own special take on the personnel and the running of the department.

rest on one's oars

Relax one’s efforts.
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  • There is no need and no scope for resting on our oars.
  • So to the boffins who might think otherwise, rest on your oars and watch it happen.
  • The negotiating team decided to rest on their oars and wait until their partners had a chance to consider the offer.



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  • Floating in an oarless boat, they eventually arrived at the southern coast of France.
  • His life was spared because his daughter Hypsipyle set him adrift in an oarless boat.
  • It is the place where an oarless boat full of refugees from the Holy Land washed ashore not long after Jesus was crucified.

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