Definition of oily in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈoilē/

adjective (oilier, oiliest)

1Containing oil: oily fish such as mackerel and sardines
More example sentences
  • If only we would eschew processed foods for our healthy natural ingredients, remembering our traditional diet of nutritious oily fish, game, berries, oats and kale.
  • Omega - 3 fatty acids, such as those in oily fish and flaxseed oil, can relieve dry eyes by easing inflammation and stimulating tear production.
  • The mackerel was fresh, delicate and delicious; the slightly oily nature of the fish being beautifully cut away by the tomato and coriander flavours.
greasy, fatty, buttery, swimming in oil/fat
1.1Covered or soaked with oil: an oily rag
More example sentences
  • These are not only attractive, but extremely functional in providing a secure grip even if your hand is wet or oily.
  • An oily rag, which spontaneously combusted, ignited the complex and burned most of the storage units, including his next door.
  • He wiped his hands on an oily rag, and ran his eye over it one last time.
greasy, oleaginous, unctuous
technical sebaceous
formal pinguid
1.2Resembling oil in appearance or behavior: the oily swell of the river
More example sentences
  • They all seemed perplexingly afflicted with the same strange disease as Henrietta, an illness that gave them an oily and grayish appearance almost like a fish.
  • Kitting up in a boat rolling sickeningly in the oily swells proves as emotional here as anywhere else in the world, but soon, feeling slightly green around the gills, we are ready to dive.
  • It was a calm day in the middle of September, with a heavy fog over the sound, so that the run down from Chatham was cold and dreary, the swells looking oily in the gray light.
2(Of a person or their behavior) unpleasantly smooth and ingratiating: his oily smile
More example sentences
  • I follow the man into the room giving a small smile to the oily man on my way out.
  • I always thought he was an oily politician and I'm glad he's gone.
  • The oily minister could be in politically jeopardy.



Pronunciation: /ˈoilēnəs/
Example sentences
  • This step stimulates the circulation, reduces oiliness, helps to refine the pores and skin texture, and removes the last traces of grease, dead cells and grime.
  • Typical acne was present in addition to the excoriations in 33 percent while only increased oiliness and no clear-cut acne lesions were present in 67 percent.
  • Oily hair is often a good candidate for chemical processing since the formulas may actually eliminate some of the excess oiliness.

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