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Syllabification: o·pin·ion
Pronunciation: /əˈpinyən


  • 1A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge: I’m writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance that, in my opinion, is dead right
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    • In fact, in my opinion, in the future you are either going to have to be very large or very small in this business.
    • In fact, in my opinion, the attitude of the authorities has simply worsened.
    • The two, in my opinion, aren't necessarily related in the short term.
    belief, judgment, thought(s), (way of) thinking, mind, (point of) view, viewpoint, outlook, attitude, stance, position, perspective, persuasion, standpoint; sentiment, conception, convictionas I see it, to my mind, (according) to my way of thinking, personally, in my estimation, if you ask me, for my money, in my book
  • 1.1The beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing: the changing climate of opinion
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    • The traditional view, and I'm sure the majority of opinion supports it, is that the Attorney-General does have a role.
    • It went through six printings in its first year, but its effect on majority opinion was, for many years to come, negligible.
    • The larger denomination coins and the notes are being spent but the vast majority of opinion regards them as having little spending power.
  • 1.2 (opinion of) An estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something: I had a higher opinion of myself than I deserved
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    • They generally did not have a high opinion of the quality of audited financial statements issued by the balance of Bulgarian companies.
    • I didn't want to be honest with her as to my opinion of the quality of that statement, so I said nothing in reply.
  • 1.3A formal statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter: seeking a second opinion from a specialist
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    • The same guidance applies if you are seeking a second opinion from another NHS professional, such as a dentist.
    • But that's the problem for media, where most who profess to provide expert opinions have a vested interest one way or another.
    • Maybe some professional expert opinions are in order here.
  • 1.4 Law A formal statement of reasons for a judgment given.
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    • For all of these reasons, the plurality opinion is open to criticism.
    • In his sentencing opinion, Judge Moore said that to sentence him as an adult would mean giving up on the juvenile justice system.
    • It might be refreshing, though, to have a Supreme Court Justice who writes opinions with critical comments directed at himself.
  • 1.5 Law A lawyer’s advice on the merits of a case.
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    • How does that fit in with the liability of, say, a solicitor for giving advice, or a barrister for giving chambers opinions?
    • What you are told here is that the matters were referred to the legal assistance referral scheme for merit opinions which were not favourable to the clients.
    • The Committee issues a consensus opinion though individual opinions on the merits may be added if members of the Committee so desire.


be of the opinion that

Believe or maintain that: economists are of the opinion that the economy could contract
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  • Most of them were of the opinion that more such programmes should be organised to help the students develop their skills to build a better career.
  • They were of the opinion that at least people who drink should consider the difficulties they cause and the families they break.
  • The developers were of the opinion that there were no planning issues involved in the proposed change of use.
believe, think, consider, maintain, reckon, estimate, feel, have a/the feeling, contend, be convinced
informal allow
formal opine

a matter of opinion

Something not capable of being proven either way.
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  • That's a matter of opinion, no matter how outrageous.
  • Claim 3 might be dismissed as a matter of opinion, not a matter of knowledge.
  • The extent of flooding is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact.
debatable, open to question, open to debate, a moot point, up to the individual


Middle English: via Old French from Latin opinio(n-), from the stem of opinari 'think, believe'.

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