Definition of ornate in English:

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Pronunciation: /ôrˈnāt/


1Made in an intricate shape or decorated with complex patterns: an ornate wrought-iron railing
More example sentences
  • While poster art continued to prosper, the ornate details of Art Nouveau vanished.
  • They have been found before but rarely with such ornate decoration and never in South Lakeland.
  • The rest of our time is spent in silence, until we arrive at an ornate door decorated with cranes and dragons.
elaborate, decorated, embellished, adorned, ornamented, fancy, fussy, ostentatious, showy
informal flash, flashy
1.1(Of literary style) using unusual words and complex constructions: peculiarly ornate and metaphorical language
More example sentences
  • His German epic entitled Parzifal is a massive literary production and was highly ornate in style.
  • Linguistic style: Someone may write in an ornate style, speak in a laconic style, and have an aggressive style when arguing.
  • As a consequence, these genres do not strive to show events in their experiential immediacy and do not use an excessively ornate style of presentation.
elaborate, flowery, florid;
grandiose, pompous, pretentious, high-flown, orotund, magniloquent, grandiloquent, rhetorical, oratorical, bombastic, overwrought, overblown
informal highfalutin, purple
1.2(Of musical composition or performance) using many ornaments such as grace notes and trills.
Example sentences
  • On the other hand, Vivaldi's ornate writing for solo voices is much in evidence.
  • David Kuebler brings a heroic touch to Nerone, and copes well with Handel's ornate divisions.
  • It occurs in all musical forms, from the first antler beaten against a taut animal skin to the most ornate symphony.



Pronunciation: /ôrˈnātlē/
Example sentences
  • In 1628, the ornately carved and heavily gunned ship had sunk - after less than a mile of her maiden voyage.
  • It's Spanish-style front offices contain a cavernous, ornately designed room that once served as a Masonic lodge.
  • Inside, the ceiling's ornately moulded plaster-work has been delicately repaired and the entire room whitewashed.


Pronunciation: /ôrˈnātnəs/
Example sentences
  • I love the style, the architecture, the richness, and the ornateness that can only come from those early days.
  • He simply juxtaposes the astounding ornateness and sculptural qualities of the Indian works with his own simple, starkly beautiful geometricism.
  • Garish handles, knobs and bases cast from Victorian lamps and furniture decorate her works, parodying the stultifying ornateness that marked the era.


Late Middle English: from Latin ornatus 'adorned', past participle of ornare.

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Syllabification: or·nate

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