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Syllabification: out·crop
Pronunciation: /ˈoutˌkräp


A rock formation that is visible on the surface: dramatic limestone outcrops
More example sentences
  • Surrounding this lowlying area are ‘horsts’ of Palaeozoic rocks, and outcrops of Triassic conglomerates that drain into the basins of the Trent, Warwickshire Avon and the Severn.
  • Xenoliths, which are pieces of wall rock, or xenocrysts, which are single mineral grains that originate from xenoliths, can commonly be recognized at outcrops of magmatic rocks.
  • In western Thailand and eastern Myanmar, Mesozoic rocks are scattered and discontinuous, and outcrops of Palaeogene rocks are very rare.

verb (outcrops, outcropping, outcropped)

(often as noun outcropping) [no object] Back to top  
Appear as an outcrop.
More example sentences
  • At the very entrance of the cave there is a mammoth rock outcropping with a huge footprint.
  • From there a path twists its way through outcropping crags and tiny lochans to the summit, perched precariously on top of its own little crag.
  • Back tire slurping and bouncing wildly, I kept going, finally slithering to a halt when I saw Jeff and Joe crouched under a rock outcropping.



More example sentences
  • In 2002, a dozen Moroccan soldiers planted a flag on Parsley Island, a small, uninhabited outcropping off the shore near Ceuta.
  • My den was probably a cubbyhole in some hillock or outcropping of rock.
  • I had my tripod set up on a rock outcropping in the direction of the wind.

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