Definition of ovenbird in English:


Syllabification: ov·en·bird
Pronunciation: /ˈəvənˌbərd


  • 1A small tropical American bird belonging to a diverse family, many members of which make domed, ovenlike nests of mud.
    • Family Furnariidae (the ovenbird family): many genera and numerous species. The ovenbird family comprises the horneros, miners,and many others
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    • Suboscines, which include flycatchers, ant-birds, woodcreepers, and ovenbirds, are now diverse in the New World, with about 1,100 species, nearly all of them in South America.
    • Their closest relatives are the ovenbirds (family Furnariidae).
    • Playing the louder calls on the ground increased visits by predators there, he found, but playing the relatively soft begging calls of ovenbirds from tree nests did not.
  • 2A migratory brown North American warbler that builds a domed, ovenlike nest on the ground.
    • Seiurus aurocapillus, subfamily Parulinae, family Emberizidae
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    • Some species of ovenbirds are migratory, others are sedentary.
    • Research in Pennsylvania, New York, and Virginia shows that forest birds like the American redstart, hooded warbler, Kentucky warbler, worm-eating warbler, ovenbird, wood thrush, and veery are all vulnerable to deer overpopulation.

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