Definition of overhead in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌōvərˈhed/
Above the level of the head; in the sky: a helicopter buzzed overhead
More example sentences
  • Helicopters buzz constantly overhead and today a huge fat grey airplane circled low around the city.
  • You may be able to overhear the helicopters overhead.
  • Today, the occasional helicopter still hovers overhead, and sleepy UN soldiers wave cars through the few remaining checkpoints.
(up) above, high up, (up) in the sky, on high, above/over one's head


Pronunciation: /ˈōvərˌhed/
1Situated above the level of the head: the sun was directly overhead overhead power cables
More example sentences
  • The labourers tapped the overhead power lines situated at least 2 kilometers away from the labour lines on May 16.
  • The wire from that pole to ‘our’ pole was too close to an overhead power supply cable and, in the wind, had rubbed through its insulation.
  • Four miles of overhead power cable can be erected in the Ringley and Stoneclough area.
aerial, elevated, raised, suspended
2(Of a driving mechanism) above the object driven: an overhead cam four-cylinder engine
More example sentences
  • By comparison, the Cadillac's 16 overhead valves and pushrods sound trite at best.
  • Gasoline engines with overhead valves are less polluting than those with side valves.
  • Although very successful over the years, the Honda uses dated overhead valve technology - meaning that the engine relies on pushrods to open the valves.
3 [attributive] (Of a cost or expense) incurred in the general upkeep or running of a plant, premises, or business, and not attributable to specific products or items.
Example sentences
  • Operating and management costs and overhead expenses will be shared by the owners, with Club One taking over the headache of running the fleet.
  • It also benefits from some economies of scale, since production in a foreign plant means that corporate overhead costs are spread over a larger corporate output.
  • Few exchanges offer opportunities to cover overhead expenses, such as cost of goods, payroll, and rent.


Pronunciation: /ˈōvərˌhed/
1Overhead cost or expense: research conducted in space requires more overhead
More example sentences
  • Huge provisions are being made at major global corporations for the cost of cutting overheads, and this will mean that reported profits are depressed by below-the-line charges for several quarters to come.
  • Scrutinise your ‘small costs’ or overheads, benchmark them and implement recommendations.
  • He needed to keep fighting because of his huge costs and overheads.
(running) costs, operating costs, fixed costs, expenses
2A transparency designed for use with an overhead projector.
Example sentences
  • The use of these online materials is equivalent to the materials resulting from the traditional practice of reproducing and distributing the class overheads and lecture outlines.
  • The following overheads will outline the weekly structure.
3 short for overhead projector.
4An overhead compartment: the bag fits in most airline overheads
More example sentences
  • I helped her put her luggage up in the overhead so that she would not hit sleeping people while trying to lift it.
  • Tarl stood up and grabbed her bag from the overhead.
  • Blair reached up to the overhead to retrieve his pack, and a twinge of remembered pain clutched his chest.
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