Definition of overt in English:


Syllabification: o·vert
Pronunciation: /ōˈvərt
, ˈōvərt


Done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden: an overt act of aggression in untreated cases, overt psychosis may occur
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  • Sometimes a stab is an overt piece of aggression visible for all to see, but there are more subtle ways of achieving the same aims.
  • We believe that a more rational approach requires the reorganisation or overt restriction of services.
  • The only exclusion criterion was overt signs of vitamin A deficiency, which was not present in any child.


Middle English: from Old French, past participle of ovrir 'to open', from Latin aperire.



More example sentences
  • Unless patients are overtly distressed doctors may have trouble in recognising those who are seeking support.
  • By now, Mr Smith was overtly restless but remained seated, more through respect than interest.
  • However, his unsubtle, overtly physical techniques of persuasion fail to win them over.


More example sentences
  • Pundits are in awe of how overtly political she is - and they assume that her overtness is a sign of her excellence.
  • There was something awakening inside me at this overtness, and that's why women in my paintings are overt.
  • Transparency of word, overtness of execution - these are American characteristics.

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