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Syllabification: paw


1An animal’s foot having claws and pads.
More example sentences
  • The feet of the throne are modeled after large catlike paws without claws.
  • Access to water is always recommended, as is staying off the asphalt, which can burn an animal's paws.
  • The cat looked up from its toys and stretched out its paws to claw at the ragged arm of an old chair.
foot, forepaw, hind paw
1.1chiefly derogatory A person’s hand: touch her with your filthy paws and I’ll ram my fist into your face
More example sentences
  • Get your filthy little paws on CD-ROMs featuring these sirens of British media culture.
  • The filthy maggot has his paws all over her prized weapon!
  • 'Get your filthy paws off her,' I think as anger sweeps through my body but it is shortly replaced with a desire.


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1(Of an animal) feel or scrape with a paw or hoof: the horse rose on its strong haunches, its forelegs pawing the air [no object]: young dogs may paw at the floor and whine
More example sentences
  • Jonah saw several of the creatures pawing at the air and shaking their heads.
  • The glorious creature pawed the ground with it's silver hooves and snorted deep of the cold air.
  • Juno looked around and saw that Riddle was right, for the two horses were pawing at the ground in agitation.
1.1 informal (Of a person) touch or handle clumsily or lasciviously: some overweight, ugly Casanova had tried to paw her
More example sentences
  • I wander round looking like a lost child pawing things for a while, and then panic and pick up something which neither fits nor suits me.
  • I wasn't about to let people go around pawing a holy artifact like it was just any old piece of junk.
  • Kassa sat on the sofa nervously twiddling her thumbs; Vlad sat beside her lazily pawing her hair.
handle roughly, pull, grab, maul, manhandle
fondle, feel, maul, molest
informal grope, feel up, goose


Middle English: from Old French poue, probably of Germanic origin and related to Dutch poot.

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