There are 2 definitions of peach in English:


Syllabification: peach
Pronunciation: /pēCH


1A round stone fruit with juicy yellow flesh and downy pinkish-yellow skin.
More example sentences
  • They are based on many different kinds of summer fruit, particularly stone fruits such as peaches and plums; and pears, apples, and quinces.
  • Popular fillings include stone fruits, like peaches and plums.
  • To skin the peaches, dunk them in simmering water for 10 seconds, remove and peel under cold running water.
1.1A pinkish-yellow color like that of a peach.
More example sentences
  • The blend of colours like peach, red and pink makes them look almost real at a first glance.
  • She got the same shades as I did last year, a browny colour and peach.
  • The key colours are bright coral, various shades of purple, peach and green.
1.2 informal An exceptionally good or attractive person or thing: what a peach of a shot!
More example sentences
  • This is a peach of a site that deserves the application of real genius, not dull commercialism.
  • But for his sheer industry, his perseverance and a peach of a goal - at a crucial time - Garrymore's star corner-forward gets the nod.
  • And when given the whole 90 minutes against the Germans, he scored one - a peach of a free-kick - and set up the other for Baros.
2 (also peach tree) The Chinese tree that bears the peach.
  • Prunus persica, family Rosaceae: many cultivars, including the nectarine
More example sentences
  • Flowers grew all around, and I saw an apple tree and a peach tree to the side.
  • The traditional recommendation is to prune enough off a peach tree so that a bird can fly right through the branches.
  • And my friend told me that you can graft an apple branch into a peach tree, but the branch will still grow apples.


late Middle English: from Old French pesche, from medieval Latin persica, from Latin persicum (malum), literally 'Persian apple'.


peaches and cream

(Of a person’s complexion) of a cream color with downy pink cheeks.
More example sentences
  • Her peaches and cream complexion positively glowed against the white satin, her red hair even more vibrant than usual, piled in curls on top of her head.
  • It most often affects people who blush easily, have a fair skin, and what is often called a peaches and cream complexion.
  • The bride, not noted for a peaches and cream complexion, looked beautiful.

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There are 2 definitions of peach in English:


Syllabification: peach
Pronunciation: /


[no object] (peach on) informal
Inform on: the other members of the gang would not hesitate to peach on him if it would serve their purpose
More example sentences
  • When, just before dawn, Sikes arrives to drop off some swag, Fagin plies him with a series of hypothetical questions about what he would do to someone who ‘peached’ on him.
  • Wilmore would not have peached against her to Glavely.
  • If both keep silent, both go free; the one who peaches gets clemency, the one who does not gets the shaft.


late Middle English: shortening of archaic appeach, from Old French empechier 'impede' (see impeach).

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