There are 2 main definitions of pep in English:


Syllabification: pep


Energy and high spirits; liveliness: he was an enthusiastic player, full of pep and fight
More example sentences
  • Not surprisingly, depressed people lack pep and energy.
  • It also had enough pep to cope with higher speeds and was perfectly happy in its top-end performance.
  • Those who follow his advice should feel themselves fresh, charming, agile, vigorous, and full of pep.

verb (peps, pepping, pepped)

[with object] (pep someone/something up) Back to top  
Add liveliness or vigor to someone or something: measures to pep up the economy
More example sentences
  • Audio quality is a bit more pleasing, with clear voices and lively music pepping things up.
  • For the uninitiated, chicken paillard is strips of thin, marinated, char-grilled chicken, and it had a great accompaniment in the mash, which was nicely pepped up by some fine, flaky black pudding.
  • The children are usually depressed and need to be pepped up.
enliven, animate, liven up, put some/new life into, invigorate, vitalize, revitalize, vivify, ginger up, energize, galvanize, put some spark into, stimulate, get something going, perk up;
brighten up, cheer up
informal buck up


early 20th century: abbreviation of pepper.

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There are 2 main definitions of pep in English:


Syllabification: PEP


1.1Political and Economic Planning.

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