Definition of perform in English:

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Pronunciation: /pərˈfôrm/


[with object]
1Carry out, accomplish, or fulfill (an action, task, or function): I have my duties to perform
More example sentences
  • If you do not inform your reader with the basics of how to accomplish a task, perform a function or use a new tool, I guarantee he will find out from someone else.
  • After the session, most people feel relaxed and mellow but in complete control of all of their faculties and able to perform any task or duty such as driving or working.
  • As discussed earlier, there is an increased reliance on contractors to perform mission critical tasks.
carry out, do, execute, discharge, bring about, bring off, accomplish, achieve, fulfill, complete, conduct, effect, dispatch, work, implement
informal pull off
formal effectuate
archaic acquit oneself of
1.1 [no object] Work, function, or do something to a specified standard: the car performs well at low speeds
More example sentences
  • A member of the health care team experiencing low morale may perform at a lower standard of practice than usual.
  • The process was initially introduced for local government in 2002 to give people a single overall judgment on how well their local council performs and delivers services.
  • The new system will allow people to tell at a glance how their local council was performing and provide national accountability by highlighting how the performance has changed over time.
function, work, operate, run, go, respond, behave, act, acquit oneself/itself
1.2 [no object] informal Have successful or satisfactory sexual intercourse with someone.
Example sentences
  • He had a couple of strokes that rendered him unable to perform sexually, or walk, or act like the rest of the world.
  • Cessation of sexual activity was often due to the attitude and the ability of the male to perform sexually.
  • Typically men have a lot of their self esteem and identity tied in with their ability to perform sexually.
2Present (a form of entertainment) to an audience: the cast of 14 perform the play superbly
More example sentences
  • Two noted Hohner accordion players performed this street entertainment at different times in the past, but did not work together.
  • Stocking groups from across York will perform renaissance-style entertainments during the free event.
  • This to me spells a director who requires foresight or who ought to hold more rehearsals after the play has been performed before an audience for at least a couple of times.
stage, put on, present, mount, enact, act, produce
2.1 [no object] Entertain an audience, typically by acting, singing, or dancing on stage: the band will be performing live in Hyde Park
More example sentences
  • The idea is, while there is a lot on offer for young people of a sporting bent during the holidays, there is less for those interested in singing or dancing, performing on the stage, on television or in the movies.
  • The pastoral council are looking for people who can sing, dance or perform on stage for a variety show they are arranging in Moneenroe hall in March.
  • The children sang and performed for a packed audience.
appear, play, be on stage, sing, dance, act



Pronunciation: /-ˌfôrməˈbilitē/
Example sentences
  • One of big arguments about laptops is the lack of performability.
  • Where truth and beauty conflict or compete, he has opted for elegance of form, or a measure of performability.
  • What are the conditions of performability, of recognition, of the generation and circulation of affect?


Pronunciation: /pərˈfôrməb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • The initial problem was to find a performable Hindi translation.
  • He would like to devise ways of making electronic music more jammable and performable.
  • The cantata is a useful and appealing addition to the choral repertoire, eminently performable though also stretching, with contrapuntal textures and lots of dialogue between men's and women's sections.


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French parfourmer, alteration (by association with forme 'form') of Old French parfournir, from par 'through, to completion' + fournir 'furnish, provide'.

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Syllabification: per·form

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