Definition of physicalism in English:


Syllabification: phys·i·cal·ism
Pronunciation: /ˈfizəkəlˌizəm


The doctrine that the real world consists simply of the physical world.
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  • That does not require that in embracing naturalism one also embrace determinism, physicalism, and reductionism.
  • Amongst mainstream philosophers, discontent with physicalism led to a modest revival of property dualism in the last decade of the twentieth century.
  • Nor are metaphysicians solely concerned with the nature of the physical world - unless they happen to espouse the doctrine of physicalism, which maintains that the only things that exist are physical entities in space and time.



noun& adjective
More example sentences
  • However, those who reject a physicalist ontology of consciousness must find ways of modeling it as a nonphysical aspect of reality.
  • For all that the argument from charity shows, when it comes to disputes like that between an animist and a physicalist, relativism could be the right view.
  • Epicurus was a thoroughgoing physicalist in his philosophy of mind.


Pronunciation: /ˌfizikəˈlistik/
More example sentences
  • The ontology is phenomenalistic in its leanings, though open to a more physicalistic interpretation.
  • According to this argument, physicalism requires that all phenomena be susceptible in principle of a physicalistic explanation.
  • Predicate dualism is the theory that psychological or mentalistic predicates are essential for a full description of the world and are not reducible to physicalistic predicates.

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