Definition of pigheaded in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˌpiɡˈhedəd/


Stupidly obstinate.
Example sentences
  • What keeps me going is a belief in the hospice movement, my pig-headed stubbornness and more recently, the advert for the Cancer Research Fund, which shows three girls playing in a meadow.
  • In the long term they are probably right; too many of the acts of the senate over the years have been pig-headed, wilful and capricious and simply cannot be justified in a modern democracy.
  • I am firm, you are obstinate, he is a pig-headed fool
obstinate, stubborn (as a mule), mulish, bullheaded, obdurate, headstrong, self-willed, willful, perverse, contrary, recalcitrant, stiff-necked;
uncooperative, inflexible, uncompromising, intractable, intransigent, unyielding, bloody-minded
formal refractory



Pronunciation: /ˌpiɡˈhedədly/
Example sentences
  • So I'm pig-headedly refusing to take out my chisel and chip away at any slight imperfections.
  • Why does the executive so pig-headedly refuse to loosen the state's control over schools?
  • At the same time, that does not mean that a medical man can obstinately and pig-headedly carry on with some old technique if it has been proved to be contrary to what is really substantially the whole of informed medical opinion’.


Pronunciation: /ˌpiɡˈhedədnəs/
Example sentences
  • There is a fine line between loyalty and pig-headedness.
  • A slump saw him plummet to No141 before hard work and pig-headedness drove him back to become world No1.
  • This pig-headedness ensures that changes that are crying out to be made are kept in check.
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