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Syllabification: pil·grim
Pronunciation: /ˈpilɡrəm


1A person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.
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  • For Goddess pilgrims, as for orthodox religious pilgrims, the sacred place is a place of power which can work upon the pilgrim at various levels of their being.
  • Nonetheless, pilgrims of whatever religious belief often find the hike to be one of the most spiritually meaningful events of their lives.
  • Along the way Clark relates the stories of 11th-century religious pilgrims alongside her contemporary journey of rediscovery.
worshiper, devotee, believer;
traveler, crusader
literary wayfarer
historical palmer
1.1 (usually Pilgrim) A member of a group of English Puritans fleeing religious persecution who sailed in the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.
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  • Massachusetts, where the pilgrims and puritans landed, has just ruled that gay people can marry.
  • The Mayflower pilgrims were sent back to sea from the coast of Massachusetts, because the immigration quotas were full.
  • The Bronsville turkey was a wild kind that those pilgrims, who sailed on the famous Mayflower, took a taste to.
1.2A person who travels on long journeys.

verb (pilgrims, pilgriming, pilgrimed)

[no object] archaic Back to top  
Travel or wander like a pilgrim.
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  • On Sunday night I pilgrimed to Dundas to see Pernell Goodyear and the Freeway with Darryl and Charlene Dash.
  • I think I have to pilgrim to Urbanville, but not til the semester's over.
  • The cobbled streets aged from the many feet that pilgrim to the popular spot.


Middle English: from Provençal pelegrin, from Latin peregrinus 'foreign' (see peregrine).



( archaic )
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  • The Guoqing Temple, the ancestral temple of Tiantai-sect of the Japanese and Korean Buddhism, is where over 3.00 million Tiantai-sect Buddhists in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia pilgrimize.
  • Indian and Nepali citizens holding ordinary passport should join a pilgrimage group if planning to pilgrimize in Tibet.

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