There are 2 main definitions of pine in English:

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pine 1

Syllabification: pine


1 (also pine tree) An evergreen coniferous tree that has clusters of long needle-shaped leaves. Many kinds are grown for their soft timber, which is widely used for furniture and pulp, or for tar and turpentine.
  • Genus Pinus, family Pinaceae: many species, including North America’s eastern white pine and western ponderosa pine
Example sentences
  • Hollyhock landed in a low branch of a pine tree, and dangled there as she tried to find a way to get down.
  • He apparently struck a pine tree on the edge of a wheat field before crashing into the field at a steep angle, LaRoche said.
  • Holly leaned back on a pine tree, and thought about their problem.
1.1Used in names of coniferous trees of other families, e.g., Norfolk Island pine.
1.2Used in names of unrelated plants that resemble the pines in some way, e.g., ground pine.
1.3 [as modifier] Having the scent of pine needles: a pine potpourri
More example sentences
  • I pulled my boyfriend away, pressing my face into his beautiful black hair, breathing in the heady scent of pine needles.
  • Perhaps it was a faint scent of pine needles that hung in the air, perhaps it was the clarity with which she viewed the scenes played out before her.
  • She nearly choked as the overwhelming scent of pine needles hit her.
2 informal A pineapple.


Pronunciation: /ˈpīnərē/


Old English, from Latin pinus, reinforced in Middle English by Old French pin.

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There are 2 main definitions of pine in English:

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pine 2 Syllabification: pine


[no object]
1Suffer a mental and physical decline, especially because of a broken heart: she thinks I am pining away from love
More example sentences
  • He was actually worrying and pining in his heart, but he could not say anything.
  • Surely the Phantom suffered through worse all those hours pining after that lovely chorus girl.
  • Not just in a figure of speech kind of way, but genuinely in love - jittery in its presence, pining during its absence, utterly fulfilled and completed during the time you spend with it?
languish, decline, weaken, waste away, wilt, wither, fade, sicken, droop;
brood, mope, moon
yearn, long, ache, sigh, hunger, languish;
miss, mourn, lament, grieve over, shed tears for, bemoan, rue, eat one's heart out over
informal itch
1.1 (pine for) Miss and long for the return of: I was pining for my boyfriend
More example sentences
  • While Cuban exile leaders pine for a return to their ancestral home, many people of African descent in Cuba say they will never let that happen.
  • I find myself pining for a return to the energy-conscious administration, when cars were named after little animals like rabbits and colts.
  • He vaguely pines for a return to metaphysics, and suggests that moderns have lost God.


Old English pīnian '(cause to) suffer', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch pijnen, German peinen 'experience pain', also to obsolete pine 'punishment'; ultimately based on Latin poena 'punishment'.

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