Definition of platter in English:


Syllabification: plat·ter
Pronunciation: /ˈpladər


1A large flat dish or plate, typically oval or circular in shape, used for serving food.
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  • Frederick has already started to produce his Christmas line of serving dishes, platters, bowls and teacups, which will be on sale at the open studio.
  • While that's going on, put the bread bowl on a serving platter or an oversized plate, and artlessly arrange the bread chunks around it.
  • Donovan and Darius sprang to life, scooping food onto their plates before passing the platters and dishes to their father.
historical trencher
1.1A quantity of food served on a platter: huge platters of cold cuts
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  • But for most of the night I sulked and pouted because I couldn't get stuck into the free flowing Leeuwin wines and the abundant platters of Margaret River cheeses.
  • Long wooden tables were laden with goblets of ale and platters of meats, fruits, cheeses, and breads.
  • We were served platters of Marco Polo meat and treated like visiting dignitaries, then informed we were going to prison.
1.2A meal or selection of food placed on a platter, especially one served in a restaurant: I’ll have the seafood platter
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  • Crossover point is the seafood platter, served in the restaurant or on one of the frequent weekend barbecues (weather permitting).
  • The cooks outdid themselves with all manner of sandwiches, cold cut platters, salads and other goodies shipped and stowed just for the occasion.
  • Food is freshly cooked and carefully presented: Mrs Kearsley's crab salad platter, seafood chowder with aïoli, and roasted John Dory or chorizo with red wine sauce.
2Something shaped like platter, especially of a circular shape, in particular.
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  • The lobsters writhe in the silver weighing machine platter as he drops them in.
  • In a classic example of these nausea-inducing rides, you stand along the edge of a large circular platter, with your back against a perimeter wall.
2.1 informal dated A phonograph record.
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  • As a longtime lover of Kelly's work, I've been dying to hear this platter for decades.
  • Shined Nickels and Loose Change, the Rondelles' debut platter, is about as indie as you wanna get.
  • The Chemical Brother's new platter, Come With Us, isn't going to help the situation any.
2.2The rotating metal disk forming the turntable of a record player.
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  • She then looked upon the top of the box to observe that a shaft next to the black platter held a metal arm that ended in a round disc made of metal and glass from which a needle stuck out.
  • The smaller disc platters also inherently make less noise.
  • Jeck's endlessly rotating platters, like the whirr of moving film, serve as a constant reminder of the time-based nature of the medium.
2.3 Computing A rigid rotating disk on which data is stored in a disk drive; a hard disk (considered as a physical object).
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  • Hard disks have platters that spin at very high speeds these days, and optical drives like DVD and CD units generate noise too.
  • As the different colored bits scroll by on the hard drive platter, you need to quickly read them in the correct order before you suffer a buffer underflow.
  • Typically, up to five magnetic storage discs, known as platters, are used.


Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French plater, from plat 'large dish' (see plate).


on a (silver) platter

informal Used to indicate that someone receives or achieves something with little or no effort: you’re being offered this opportunity on a silver platter
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  • In an age where most Bollywood stars would kill for a role in a Hollywood film, the opportunity has come on a platter for Satish Kaushik.
  • The opportunity to overthrow the Labour budget was handed to them on a silver platter and they lacked the courage to accept it.
  • A great achiever, Dr Kalam says that success does not come on a platter.

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