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Syllabification: point-blank

adjective& adverb

1(Of a shot, bullet, or other missile) fired from very close to its target: [as adjective] the weapon was inaccurate beyond point-blank range
More example sentences
  • The troubles in Limerick city continue with the point-blank shooting of a 30-year-old in Moyross by two masked gunmen.
  • In the presence of the German military attaché, one of these CHEKA officials fired five shots almost point-blank at the ambassador.
  • Switching to its cannon, Stephanie attempted to deliver a point-blank shot, which would be within the MW field's range.
at close range, close up, close to
1.1(Of a statement or question) blunt and direct; without explanation or qualification: [as adjective]: this point-blank refusal to discuss the issue [as adverb]: he refuses point-blank to be photographed or give interviews
More example sentences
  • If Mother couldn't open up to Christina, especially in the face of a point-blank question, she couldn't open up to anyone.
  • Even if it's yes, given that I am asked such a point-blank question at a volume audible to the other colleagues, I have to keep up the straight face, put on the steady voice, maintain the poise and give a negative answer.
  • During our interview, Tory rode the middle on most issues, qualifying his policy statements with casualness and indifference when questioned point-blank.


late 16th century: probably from point + blank in the contemporaneous sense 'white spot in the center of a target'.

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