Definition of proceed in English:


Syllabification: pro·ceed
Pronunciation: /prəˈsēd
, prōˈsēd


[no object]
1Begin or continue a course of action: we can proceed with our investigation
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  • She also said that the ambitions of hundreds of school leavers had been thrown into disarray by the Government's decision not to proceed with the courses in September.
  • We were able to, of course, proceed with our work by the end of the day.
  • Why would we want to proceed with a course of action that is unjust, unwise and completely unnecessary?
begin, make a start, get going, move, set something in motion;
take action, act, go on, go ahead, make progress, make headway
go ahead, carry on, go on, continue, keep on, get on, get ahead;
(proceed with)pursue, prosecute
1.1Move forward, especially after reaching a certain point: the ship could proceed to Milwaukee
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  • Fans of classic film move forward: Others should proceed cautiously.
  • She had no inkling of how to proceed, but quickly moved forward and sat down by the fire.
  • If you do, the bike proceeds forward: if you don't, it stops, you fall off, and you may hurt yourself.
go, make one's way, advance, move, progress, carry on, press on, push on
1.2 [with infinitive] Do something as a natural or seemingly inevitable next step: opposite the front door was a staircase, which I proceeded to climb
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  • She bundled up my bedding and proceeded to toss it down the staircase.
  • Then Yaakov proceeds to name the area where this event took place.
  • Kim moved forward and proceeded to do the same thing on her other cheek.
1.3 Law Start a lawsuit against someone: he may still be able to proceed against the contractor under the common law negligence rules
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  • Meanwhile, the lawsuit will proceed against the state and other individual counties with the trial set for Aug.26.
  • This high-stakes lawsuit is now proceeding in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, before Judge John Bates.
  • Do you say you can proceed against Aboriginal native title claimants for trespass if they happen to wander across any part of your tenement?
take someone to court, start/take proceedings against, start an action against, make a case against, sue
1.4(Of an action) be started: negotiations must proceed without delay
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  • If these provided a satisfactory outcome, open and official negotiations could then proceed involving elected representatives.
  • The legitimate search for assertive and disruptive methods can and should proceed, but this must not be confused with vandalism and violence.
  • If this legislation is to proceed it must be enacted before the new fishing season, 1 October 2004.
1.5(Of an action) be carried on or continued: as the excavation proceeds, the visible layers can be recorded and studied
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  • I know the joint work between the Polish command and the Bulgarian contingent has been proceeding very well.
  • But he denied reports on Chad's latest threat, saying bilateral co-operation continued to proceed.
  • There will be further opportunities to view the house as dismantling continues and reconstruction proceeds at the new site.
1.6Originate from: his claim that all power proceeded from God
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  • But, to Toulmin, this act of homage proceeded from a delusion.
  • All proceeded from a premise that equated modernization with Westernization.
  • That other machine may, in like manner, have proceeded from a former machine: nor does that alter the case; the contrivance must have had a contriver.
originate, spring, stem, come, derive, arise, issue, flow, emanate


late Middle English: from Old French proceder, from Latin procedere, from pro- 'forward' + cedere 'go'.

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