Definition of procreate in English:


Syllabification: pro·cre·ate
Pronunciation: /ˈprōkrēˌāt


[no object]
(Of people or animals) produce young; reproduce: species that procreate by copulation
More example sentences
  • Parenting is possibly an irrational vocation, but humanity keeps breeding and procreating.
  • It's not clear why straight couples would stop procreating, or even procreate less, if gay couples could marry.
  • It seems that the sole purpose for an animal's existence is to mate and procreate for the survival of their species.
produce offspring, reproduce, multiply, propagate, breed


late Middle English: from Latin procreat- 'generated, brought forth', from the verb procreare, from pro- 'forth' + creare 'create'.



Pronunciation: /-krēənt/
( archaic )
More example sentences
  • In ‘Canto LXXXI,’ this Vision is lifted to lowly apogee and procreant climax in stanzas which have since become Pound's signature perfection.
  • Apparently, he feels a similarly procreant urge to capture these brief moments of life that seem to be outside of ordinary reality.


Pronunciation: /ˌprōkrēˈāSHən/
More example sentences
  • Marriage is not essentially about procreation because procreation is not essential to any marriage.
  • In due course there occurs sexual differentiation and procreation, and human societies organized on caste lines come into being.
  • The wonderful apparatus of sexual procreation ensures variety.


Pronunciation: /-krēˌātiv/
More example sentences
  • They condemned and occasionally punished homosexual behavior as a sin, a deviation from the procreative function of sexuality.
  • In Indigenous societies like the Anishnaabe, the earth and all who dwell within it contain a ‘manitou,’ a vibrant energy that is creative and procreative, and thus sexual.
  • Therefore a primary demand is that women regain greater autonomy with regard to their sexuality and procreative capacities.


Pronunciation: /-ˌātər/
More example sentences
  • Even healthy Bactrian camels are meager procreators because the birth of a single camel requires a 14-month gestation period.
  • And then the child runs off and his procreators are left to face the ‘empty nest’.
  • Not only do the procreators ensure that there will still be an America after they're dead, but these benefits also provide much-needed incentives to undertake the sacrifices inherent in such an enterprise.

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