Definition of profusion in English:


Syllabification: pro·fu·sion
Pronunciation: /prəˈfyo͞oZHən/


[in singular]
An abundance or large quantity of something: a rich profusion of wildflowers the foxgloves growing in profusion among the ferns
More example sentences
  • Nature's abundance and metamorphic energy stimulates a similar profusion in the poet.
  • The profusion reigning everywhere gave birth to luxury and pride.
  • The initiative aims to inspire more British people to take a short break in England and enjoy the profusion of high quality food and drink available.
abundance, mass, host, cornucopia, riot, superabundance
informal sea, wealth
vulgar slang assload
formal plenitude


mid 16th century: via French from Latin profusio(n-), from profundere 'pour out'. Early use expressed the senses 'extravagance', 'squandering', and 'waste'.

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