Definition of pulverize in English:


Syllabification: pul·ver·ize
Pronunciation: /ˈpəlvəˌrīz


[with object]
1Reduce to fine particles: the brick of the villages was pulverized by the bombardment
More example sentences
  • Frozen snake liver was pulverized into a fine powder in liquid nitrogen.
  • In a spice grinder, combine star anise, nutmeg, cloves and cumin; pulverize to a fine powder.
  • The basis of most research in mainstream nanotech is the fact that some materials have peculiar or useful properties when pulverized into nanoscale particles or otherwise rearranged.
grind, crush, pound, powder, mill, crunch, squash, press, pulp, mash, sieve, mince, macerate
technical comminute
1.1 informal Defeat utterly: he had a winning car and pulverized the opposition
More example sentences
  • South American powerhouse Argentina pulverized flat-footed defenders to defeat Japan tonight for their sixth straight win over the Asian Cup holders.
  • The event organiser said: ‘He absolutely pulverised the opposition.’
  • But any doubts as to just how brilliantly Rock of Gibraltar had developed were dispelled in the Irish 2,000 Guineas when he pulverised the opposition at the Curragh.


late Middle English: from late Latin pulverizare, from pulvis, pulver- 'dust'.



More example sentences
  • A sealing material containing the non-gelling, pulverizable, solid silane coupling agent composition according to claim 1.
  • C3P Pulverizable acrylic resins are obtaining by forming a solvent-free mixture of (1) 0-55% (mol.) of styrene, alpha-methyl styrene or methyl methacrylate.


Pronunciation: /ˌpəlvərəˈzāSHən/
More example sentences
  • This document confronts the problem of the excessive concentration of land in large properties and the excessive pulverisation of little enterprises, often at the margins of the market.
  • Have they opposed the bondage, the pulverisation of human lives, produced by a system that places capital and profits above human need?
  • Back in the centre of the city I sat on a rare block of concrete that had escaped pulverisation and typed my story.


More example sentences
  • It is a sort of denatured, homogenised product - as if all the musical notes had been thrown into some vast blender or pulveriser and had bled into each other.
  • Depending on the specific brand you buy, you can add pincers, pulverizers, shears, combi-cutters, wood cleavers, plate shears, and many others for metal and concrete shearing and for concrete cracking, crushing, and pulverizing.
  • Typical applications for alloy white irons include coal pulverizer and roller mill tires and tables, i.e., any place where abrasion is high and impact loading is low.

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