There are 2 definitions of quit in English:


Syllabification: quit
Pronunciation: /kwit

verb (quits, quitting; past and past participle quitted or quit)

1 [with object] Leave (a place), usually permanently: he was ordered to quit the cabin immediately
More example sentences
  • The villagers told them to quit the place immediately.
  • Abdul barks orders, and they quit base camp hastily.
  • In a half an hour, I quit this place, slip into the ocean, and hassle the local aquatic life with my snorkel and my submersible camera.
leave, vacate, exit, depart from, withdraw from; abandon, desert
1.1 informal Resign from (a job): she quit her job in a pizza restaurant [no object]: he quit as manager of struggling Third Division City
More example sentences
  • Only four out of 1,000 employees who quit jobs last year retired due to their age, according to the Ministry of Labor.
  • At 24, I had quit my job, packed up everything I owned into the back of my Volkswagen, and moved 1000 miles away for no good reason.
  • That same week she found an apartment in Erie, quit her job, packed her things and moved to Pennsylvania.
resign from, leave, give up, hand in one's notice, stand down from, relinquish, vacate, walk out on, retire from
informal chuck, pack in
pack it in, call it quits
1.2 informal , chiefly North American Stop or discontinue (an action or activity): quit moaning! I want to quit smoking
More example sentences
  • In order to care for the patient, most families had to quit other activities.
  • I hate having to quit a project, leaving it unfinished.
  • Why do you quit your routine when you begin to make progress?
give up, stop, cease, discontinue, drop, break off, abandon, abstain from, desist from, refrain from, avoid, forgo
2 (quit oneself) [with adverbial] archaic Behave in a specified way: quit yourselves like men, and fight


[predic.] (quit of) Back to top  
Rid of: I want to be quit of him


Middle English (in the sense 'set free'): from Old French quiter (verb), quite (adjective), from Latin quietus, past participle of quiescere 'be still', from quies 'quiet'.


quit hold of

archaic Let go of.

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There are 2 definitions of quit in English:


Syllabification: quit
Pronunciation: /


[in combination]
Used in names of various small songbirds found in the Caribbean area, e.g., bananaquit, grassquit.
More example sentences
  • Each time the Grassquit sings, it jumps straight into the air and opens its wings to reveal white patches.
  • The Grassquit resides in small flocks and likes to use empty bananaquit nests for roosting at night.


mid 19th century: probably imitative.

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