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Pronunciation: /ˈrādēəl/


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1Of or arranged like rays or the radii of a circle; diverging in lines from a common center.
Example sentences
  • The tentacles around the mouth are disposed in concentric circles, usually forming a series of radial lines rather than being alternately arranged.
  • The breast is examined in a segment arranged in an imaginary radial pattern centred on the nipple.
  • I suggested the use of radial lines emanating from the flame.
1.1(Or a road or route) running directly from a town or city center to an outlying district.
Example sentences
  • The committee believe the re-opening of the rail corridor has come a step closer following the announcement by the Government of a new strategy for towns on radial routes in the West.
  • Park and ride facilities are proposed on major radial routes into the city and at railway stations on commuter links.
  • This has been targeted towards the city centre and the main radial routes.
1.2Denoting a tire in which the layers of fabric have their cords running at right angles to the circumference of the tire and the tread is strengthened by further layers around the circumference. Compare with bias-ply.
Example sentences
  • The company that brought the world the radial-ply tyre has not been resting on its laurels and has presented a novel four-seater car with tiny motors inside the wheels.
  • Remember that radial-ply tyres offer less rolling resistance and have a longer life than the cross-ply variety.
  • The tread portion of the tyre is tough, but the side wall of a radial tyre is notoriously weak.
2 Anatomy & Zoology Relating to the radius.
Example sentences
  • During the surgery, care must be taken to protect the branches of the superficial and radial nerves that dorsally overlie the first dorsal compartment.
  • Another injection site is at the volar side of the forearm, 4 cm proximal to the wrist crease between the tendons of the radial flexor muscle and the palmaris longus muscle.
  • Each radial canal ends in a terminal tube foot, which has a sensory function.


1A radial tire.
Example sentences
  • You bolted upright, hit your head on the steering wheel, and I swerved right into this huge piece of rusted metal, which instantly severed the front left tire, steel radials and all.
  • The co-op also changes the RoGator's tires from flotation tires to radials as row crops grow.
  • Michelin's radial, patented in 1946, paid off handsomely.
2A radial road.
Example sentences
  • The grid pattern is superimposed on the ring roads and radials.
  • They build their cities based upon points with radials coming out.
  • The Railways have infrastructure along five radials from the city centre.
3 Zoology A supporting ray in a fish’s fin.
Example sentences
  • The only competing hypothesis - chaetognath affinity - provides some alternative interpretations; but the dorsal notochord, tail, and fin radials make this unlikely.
  • That is, the cartilaginous radials extend to margins of pectoral fin, functionally and physically displacing the keratinous ceratotrichia.
  • So defined, the fin-limb transition has to be explained in terms of the evolution of the digital arch and the derivation of digits from radials in fins.
4 short for radial engine.
Example sentences
  • Others favored in-line engines because of the improved streamlining even though the radials of the period usually offered a bit more in horsepower.
  • The radial was composed of 14 cylinders arranged into two rows and was theoretically capable of pumping out 900-hp.
  • These aircraft were delivered unarmed and differed in the fact they were fitted with single-row Wright R - 1820-102 radials of 700-hp.



Pronunciation: /ˈrādēəlē/
Example sentences
  • If you notice, Indian cities have developed radially, they grow from a core and townships have come up in commercial areas too.
  • The pinning structure is a rotary feeder which includes a plurality of flexible bristles extending radially from a roller into engagement with the acceleration belt.
  • Septa gradually become arranged radially rather than bilaterally.


Late 16th century: from medieval Latin radialis, from Latin radius (see radius).

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Syllabification: ra·di·al

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