Definition of realize in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈrē(ə)ˌlīz/


[with object]
1Become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly: he realized his mistake at once [with clause]: they realized that something was wrong she had not realized how hungry she was
More example sentences
  • Until I went through the episode reviews, I didn't fully understand or realize the deep flaws in the writing.
  • In fact, not until my maturity did I fully realise the meaning of commitment and responsibility.
  • Without our realizing it, these facts have profoundly changed.
register, perceive, discern, be/become aware of (the fact that), be/become conscious of (the fact that), notice;
understand, grasp, comprehend, see, recognize, work out, fathom, apprehend
informal latch on to, savvy, figure out, get (the message)
British  suss
formal be/become cognizant of
2Cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen: our loans are helping small business realize their dreams his worst fears have been realized
More example sentences
  • We are closer to realizing Dr. King's dream, but still have much farther to go.
  • I look forward to the day when such dreams might be realized.
  • A Mitchell woman's dream will be realized on July 6 when the first soup kitchen opens in Steinbach.
2.1Fulfill: it is only now that she is beginning to realize her potential
More example sentences
  • But he is confident that Everton have the potential to help him realise that ambition.
  • For Holmes, that great double has now been realised - an achievement that is multiplied many times by that rare league of athletes within whose ranks she now stands.
  • His desire to realize Henry VIII's plan to subdue French influence in Scotland and achieve the union of the Crowns became an obsession.
fulfill, achieve, accomplish, make a reality, make happen, bring to fruition, bring about/off, carry out/through
formal effectuate
3 (usually be realized) Give actual or physical form to: the stage designs have been beautifully realized
More example sentences
  • The film also beautifully realizes the unusual, emotionally charged, and heartbreaking romance between Winchell and Addams.
  • I always found it hard to imagine Wilde in prison, but Eagleton realises him beautifully, full of humility and humiliation.
  • Based on a rich and insightful script, this film is beautifully realised with a directorial approach that places the emphasis firmly on performances.
3.1Use (a linguistic feature) in a particular spoken or written form.
3.2 Music Add to or complete (a piece of music left sparsely notated by the composer).
Example sentences
  • That statement is clearly an indication of someone who does not like conductors and one who does not realize the importance of a good conductor in realizing a piece of music.
  • Composers need outstanding interpreters who understand the music and can realise all its implications in performance.
  • The solo instrument details realized transformed the music to something else.
4Make (money or a profit) from a transaction: she realized a profit of $100,000
More example sentences
  • If he had done so, a profit would have been realised on all three transactions.
  • Each new project is financed by the profit realised by selling the last.
  • Last April, the group sold a property, realising a profit of €1.5 million.
make, clear, gain, earn, return, produce
be sold for, fetch, go for, make, net
4.1(Of goods) be sold for (a specified price); fetch: the drawings are expected to realize $500,000
More example sentences
  • No allowance is to be made because the acquisition was compulsory; and land is to be valued at the price it might be expected to realise if sold by a willing seller, not an unwilling seller.
  • According to Mr Meghen, it is too early to say what sums will be realised from the plant sell off, but it's likely to yield millions of euro.
  • Expected to realise in the region of £3 million, the sale features the entire range of objects that Hirst designed for the restaurant.
4.2Convert (an asset) into cash: he realized all the assets in her trust fund
More example sentences
  • To be successful, though, venture capitalists need to realise their investments regularly.
  • As at 18 December, 2001, the company had realised many of its assets and satisfied most of its debts.
  • The report states that all assets have been realised pursuant to the confiscation order.
cash in, liquidate, capitalize



Example sentences
  • Nothing illustrates more powerfully than these words the terrible gulf in the evaluations of Bharatvarsha's traditional institutions by ‘livers - realizers’ on the one hand and ‘researchers - scholars’ on the other.
  • He praised the settlers ‘as pioneers, as realisers of a dream, and as those who bore the security and settlement burden for all of us’.
  • For India's great realizers, the primary evidence in support of their thesis is revealed scripture, such as the Vedanta-sutras.


Early 17th century: from real1, on the pattern of French réaliser.

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