Definition of redial in English:


Syllabification: re·di·al


Pronunciation: /rēˈdī(ə)l
(redials, redialing, redialed ; British redialling, redialled) [with object]
Dial (a telephone number) again, especially automatically.
More example sentences
  • One evening last summer I spent an hour or two dialling and redialling the same telephone number in order to cast a vote for the conservation of a building I had never seen.
  • And that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact you were on the phone all morning, dialing and redialing the same number?
  • Noticing that she didn't say anything more, he redialed the number on his cell phone.


Pronunciation: /ˈrēdīl
(also last number redial) Back to top  
The facility on a telephone by which the number just dialed may be automatically redialed by pressing a single button.
More example sentences
  • The retro wall phones available today have the appearance of the old-fashioned models, but like the desk phones, they also have push button technology, including redial and volume control.
  • ‘Oh, yeah,’ I muttered, pressing the Talk button twice and starting the redial.
  • The stylish black or white of Target's phone by architect Michael Graves is set off with blue number buttons and yellow function keys for important features like hold, redial, volume, and flash.

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