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Syllabification: rep·e·ti·tion
Pronunciation: /ˌrepəˈtiSHən


  • 1The action of repeating something that has already been said or written: her comments are worthy of repetition a repetition of his reply to the delegation
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    • Their first writing task was to demonstrate their ability to emulate skillful use of repetition by writing a short speech modeled after those that they had just finished studying.
    • So the countersignature that returns to Nietzsche when he writes himself to himself validates the first by repetition.
    • Over twenty-four minutes, the laborious repetition seems similar to the use of a single phrase, repeated on end, in an attempt to reach a state of heightened awareness.
    reiteration, repeating, restatement, retellingrepeating, echoing, parroting
  • 1.1 [often with negative] The recurrence of an action or event: there was to be no repetition of the interwar years I didn’t want a repetition of the scene in my office that morning
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    • The double is the literary negation of personal identity and the concept of character, just as the repetition of events is the negation of time and plot.
    • Stories from the Rains of Love and Death consists of five scenes that fold into one another connected by a repetition of events and motifs.
    • The earliest series of prohibitions against this rising print culture date to the late seventeenth century, and attempt to enforce a ban on the depiction of current events through periodic repetition.
    recurrence, reoccurrence, rerun, repeat
    informal déjà vu, instant replay
  • 1.2A thing repeated: the geometric repetitions of Islamic art
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    • Built from simple repetitions of geometric motifs and a limited palette of black, white, lavenders and soft pastels, they confront the viewer with a bold, graphic appeal.
    • Immensely popular with cultivated collectors, Baschenis ran a studio which produced repetitions and variants of his works.
    • Watts not only painted countless repetitions and variants in different sizes, but was a poor judge of his work.
  • 1.3A training exercise that is repeated, especially a series of repeated raisings and lowerings of the weight in weight training.
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    • But not everyone is keen about Horvath's circles, especially Gyrotonic's reliance on weighted repetitions, which, some critics say, can cause muscle strain and unwanted bulk.
    • More repetitions using less weight defines muscles without creating bulk.
    • I recommend higher repetitions with lower weights to prevent bulking up and to preserve your line.
  • 1.4 Music The repeating of a passage or note.
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    • Double and triple tonguing permit the non-legato execution of more rapid passages of music and facilitate the repetition of notes far more rapidly than is possible with single tonguing.
    • An integral component of McCabe's music is repetition, be it notes, rhythm, or textures.
    • About 1500, composers adopted the practice of paired imitation and through imitation, the repetition of short melodic passages in two voices or in all parts.
  • 1.5 archaic A piece set by a teacher to be learned by heart and recited.





late Middle English: from Old French repeticion or Latin repetitio(n-), from repetere (see repeat).

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