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Syllabification: res·i·dent
Pronunciation: /ˈrez(ə)dənt, ˈrezəˌdent


  • 1A person who lives somewhere permanently or on a long-term basis.
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    • Citizens or permanent residents of other countries must have a valid passport and/or a valid visitor's visa.
    • The majority of the permanent residents are retired ‘incomers’ devoted to growing their own vegetables and etching.
    • Only four of the 10 houses on the street are now owned by long-term residents.
    inhabitant, local, citizen, native; townsfolk, townspeople; householder, homeowner, occupier, tenant
    formal denizen
  • 1.1A bird, butterfly, or other animal of a species that does not migrate.
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    • March is a good time to begin to learn bird song with our resident species easier to hear before all the summer warblers arrive to make the task of identification more difficult.
    • Some Washington birds are resident, but most migrate either north-south, or up and down in elevation.
    • Its many distinctive habitats offer some of the most wonderful resident, migrating, and wintering bird species in the area.
  • 1.2US A person who boards at a boarding school.
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    • Arriving at schools, the teams were met by pupils, teachers and residents with a songs, drama and demonstrations of reading skills.
    • Nor will residents and students be able to tell which librarians are from the college and which ones are city employees.
    • Maybe some alumni and other former residents will enjoy checking in here to reminisce about good old Madison.
  • 1.3 historical A British government agent in any semi-independent state, especially the governor general’s agent at the court of an Indian state.
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    • There was little responsibility on the Residents; but there was a great and awful responsibility on the Governor- General.
    • In 1820 he was appointed resident at the court of the Nizam.
    • He was Resident at Satara in 1845 and at Baroda in 1847 and later Resident at Lucknow in 1854. He was given the command of the Persian war, 1856-1857.
  • 2North American A medical graduate engaged in specialized practice under supervision in a hospital.
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    • He currently works as a medical resident at another hospital and is waiting to hear the final outcome for this case.
    • For stations involving physicians, fourth-year medical students or physician residents were used.
    • I run a geriatric psychiatry clinic at the university and supervise residents and medical students.


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  • 1Living somewhere on a long-term basis: he has been resident in Brazil for a long time
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    • The overall value of the fishery will continue to attract a great deal of interest from those not resident in the north.
    • He has remained one of the leading protagonists of the movement and, now resident in France, has founded the ‘Order of Interbeing’ to promote worthy social causes.
    • The applicant was an Italian national who had been legally resident in France since his birth and was working there as a trade union official.
    living, residing, in residence
    formal dwelling
    live-in, living in
  • 1.1Having quarters on the premises of one’s work: resident farm workers
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    • The Tangier traveller clearly felt at home in Tagedda, which had its own quarter of resident merchants from North Africa and a circle of literate scholars.
    • Support restricted and applied on only one farm per resident farmer would, of course, arrest this and is surely no more than any equitable society would expect.
    • To gain permanent residency, the temporary resident farm-worker would need to fulfill a prospective agricultural-work requirement.
  • 1.2Attached to and working regularly for a particular institution: the film studio needed a resident historian
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    • In fact such is Michael's knowledge on historical matters in Carlow that he has also found himself in the role of The Nationalist's resident local historian!
    • He is also resident chef for the channel's Food & Drink and regularly appears on Ready Steady Cook.
    • He is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and editor of the Middle East Quarterly.
  • 1.3(Of a bird, butterfly, or other animal) nonmigratory; remaining in an area throughout the year.
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    • During the first treatment, resident mice remained on each site throughout the study period.
    • Migratory habit is related to philopatry, because resident species of birds tend to have lower dispersal rates than migratory species.
    • In the meantime, strategically placed brush piles in the woodland area supply the resident birds with nesting materials.
  • 1.4(Of a computer program, file, etc.) immediately available in computer memory, rather than having to be loaded from elsewhere.
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    • An example would be retro viruses that attack antivirus software by deleting virus definition tables or memory resident scanners.
    • When a user leaves the vicinity of the computer, normal operation of a computer's resident security will control computer function.
    • It gets worse, the virus scanning part of the process runs from a separate PC - which means you're unlikely to pick up memory resident viruses.



( • historical )
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  • I myself went through the whole process of getting a permanent residentship.
  • However, I don't have a permanent residentship yet.
  • The most often used reasons or grounds were in fact claims to urban residentship arising from connections to the city by previous residence, by birth and by family.


Middle English: from Latin resident- 'remaining', from the verb residere (see reside).

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