Definition of ricochet in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈrikəˌSHā/

verb (ricochets, ricocheting /-ˌSHā-iNG/, ricocheted /-ˌSHād/ or ricochets, ricochetting /-ˌSHetiNG/, ricochetted /-ˌSHetid/)

[no object]
1(Of a bullet, shell, or other projectile) rebound one or more times off a surface: a bullet ricocheted off a nearby wall
More example sentences
  • Bullets can ricochet off water, rocks, trees, metal, and other hard surfaces.
  • Lucas instinctively covered his head as the attack endured, the bullets ricocheting against every surface they struck.
  • Bullets ricochet off rock surfaces, and broken glass crunches underneath your boots.
1.1 [with object] Cause to rebound off a surface: they fired off a couple of rounds, ricocheting the bullets against a wall
More example sentences
  • It was scripted by Johnny Speight when this red-brick apartment block just off the Bayswater Road was a real fun factory and Ray Galton and Alan Simpson also ricocheted one-liners round a rented room.
  • I ricochet my eyes between her and Hubba Hubba Boy.
  • What's more likely to shake your equilibrium is that the room is covered in hard, reflective surfaces that ricochet sound.
1.2Move or appear to move with a series of rebounds: the sound ricocheted around the hall
More example sentences
  • And tragically for the series, it ricocheted back too far in the other direction and delivered an insanely difficult multi-stage nightmare.
  • Tibetans were sacrificed by Nehru in 1954 in return for Beijing's hand of friendship, a move that ricocheted in 1962.
  • That was all she had time to say, for in the next moment, a loud sound ricocheted throughout the entire hall and she watched in horror as the roof fell towards her.


1A shot or hit that rebounds one or more times off a surface.
Example sentences
  • Gunfights become remarkably tense, exciting affairs as you take cover in a crossfire of whistling ricochets.
  • When shooting for practice, make sure your backstop will prevent ricochets and protect bystanders.
  • I believe they use ceramic bullets which are designed to fragment on hitting a hard object, preventing ricochets and depressurisation.
1.1The action or movement of a bullet, shell, or other projectile when rebounding off a surface.
Example sentences
  • Designed to be highly effective while reducing the danger from over-penetration or ricochet, the projectile is designed to totally fragment into fine particles upon impact.
  • It breaks up instantly and completely on impact, with no ricochet or lead accumulation.
  • The probability of ricochet decreases as the impact angle increases.


Mid 18th century: from French, of unknown origin.

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