Definition of ripe in English:

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Pronunciation: /rīp/


1(Of fruit or grain) developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating.
Example sentences
  • Outside in the back garden, he could see Mrs Galloway, who was their cook, picking ripe fruit from the strawberry patches nearby the greenhouse, collecting them in her apron.
  • I proceeded to pick the ripe fruits and vegetables.
  • The vendors took great pride in displaying and selling their wares; the ripe fruits adding colour and the voices of vendors adding din to the already noisy bazaar.
mature, ripened, full grown, ready to eat;
luscious, succulent, juicy, tender, moist, sweet
1.1(Of a cheese or wine) fully matured: a ripe Brie figurative ripe wisdom
More example sentences
  • I give them each some of my real buttermilk, soured just right, or a chunk of my ripe cheese.
  • A generation of consumers accustomed to ripe, sweeter fleshy wines from the new world will be astonished at the sheer opulence of these wines.
  • This is a gorgeous, perfectly ripe and totally consistent Cabernet Sauvignon.
1.2(Of a smell or flavor) rich, intense, or pungent: rich, ripe flavors emanate from this wine
More example sentences
  • The two riders hauled their animals to a halt at the very edge of the riverbed, smelling the carnage before they saw it: a ripe stench hanging on the breeze.
1.3(Of a female fish or insect) ready to lay eggs or spawn.
1.4 [predicative] (ripe for) Arrived at the fitting stage or time for (a particular action or purpose): land ripe for development
More example sentences
  • The time is ripe for a new focus on winning a share of the shopper that will have a shelf life well beyond the cold, hard realities of an economic slowdown.
  • The time was ripe for change, hence the creation of the Academy in 1980.
  • He felt his stomach growling, and decided the time was ripe for some food.
ready, fit, suitable, right
opportune, advantageous, favorable, auspicious, propitious, promising, good, right, fortunate, benign, providential, felicitous, seasonable;
convenient, suitable, appropriate, apt, fitting
1.5 [predicative] (ripe with) Full of: a population ripe with discontent
More example sentences
  • George's poetry is ripe with sexual symbolism.
  • And most importantly, they are ripe with greed.
  • But the future is ripe with possibilities, like live television or an entire network with programming made especially for your cell phone.
1.6 [attributive] (Of a person’s age) advanced: she lived to a ripe old age
More example sentences
  • At the ripe age of 43 and after [more than] 17 years at the same job, I have no financial security; I live paycheck to paycheck.
  • He was small and gangly for the ripe age of sixteen, unlike Christopher, who was two-years his senior and certainly looked the role of a strong handsome young man.
  • At the ripe age of 39, this exuberant Brazilian choreographer has rapidly become a major player in the cultural landscape of her native country.
advanced, hoary, venerable, old
1.7 informal (Of a person’s language) beyond the bounds of propriety; coarse.


the time is ripe

A suitable time has arrived: the time was ripe to talk about peace
More example sentences
  • ‘I feel that there is more to this Grand Master than meets the eye,’ he said, ‘When the time is ripe, I believe that we shall see his true capabilities.’
  • Sanders said the time is ripe for the U.S. dairy industry to embrace the probiotic and prebiotic theories and develop products which deliver health to consumers through the inclusion of these naturally-occurring healthy bacteria.
  • He's preparing to crush the miners in the barracks when he feels the time is ripe.



Example sentences
  • Positive, ripely flavoured, with a hint of wax and a long, sustained, dry aftertaste makes this the perfect wine for those who like grace at their table.
  • They edited her writings and touched up her image to fit the ripely emotional world of 19 th-century piety.


Pronunciation: /ˈrīpnis/
Example sentences
  • We grow only the best-tasting varieties and we pick and sell them at the perfect ripeness or maturity.
  • A mango in Thailand isn't just a mango - there are many varieties, which mature at different times of year, so there is always some variety at its peak of ripeness.
  • The skill of the winemaker in these circumstances is to blend all the different regions, vineyards and levels of ripeness into a house style.


Old English rīpe; related to Dutch rijp and German reif.

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