Definition of rosy in English:


Syllabification: ros·y
Pronunciation: /ˈrōzē

adjective (rosier, rosiest)

1(Especially of a person’s skin) colored like a pink or red rose, typically as an indication of health, youth, or embarrassment: the memory had the power to make her cheeks turn rosy
More example sentences
  • The sun turned his skin a lovely rosy pink color.
  • Her skin was rosy from the sun's prolonged touch, and her short, feathery hair was limp.
  • As if on cue, my face bloomed into a deep rosy pink.
pink, pinkish, roseate, reddish, peaches-and-cream;
glowing, healthy, fresh, radiant, blooming;
blushing, flushed;
rare rubescent, erubescent
2Promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness; hopeful: the strategy has produced results beyond the most rosy forecasts
More example sentences
  • At some point, and it will probably be sooner than the current rosy forecasts suggest, the on-line ad market will take a dip.
  • Management keeps making rosy promises it can't keep and issuing financial forecasts it can't meet, they say.
  • The cheery optimism that produced those rosy budget surplus forecasts of yesteryear is long gone.
informal upbeat
2.1Easy and pleasant: life could never be rosy for them
More example sentences
  • Joseph confides in his friend that things aren't rosy with Maria and that she has deep seated issues
  • On the surface, everything seems rosy in the quiet suburban village of New Aylesbury.
  • She wanted happy, rosy, children in bright little dresses.



Pronunciation: /ˈrōzəlē/
More example sentences
  • Everything was going rosily for her with a super husband and a lovely child.
  • We all did stuff at university that we look back upon rosily but we realise we don't really want to do it again.
  • This film almost certainly paints a truer picture of day-to-day borstal life than the earlier film's rosily optimistic outlook.


More example sentences
  • His wishful forecasts on economic growth were nicknamed Rosy Scenario by his colleagues, but now the Congressional Budget Office has matched his rosiness.
  • As we move into Black History Month, it is good to remember that Dr. King's message was far more complex than the naïve rosiness to which he's often reduced.
  • Adding to the rosiness of the outside world is an unexpected rise in the friendliness of the vet whom I was apprehensive about seeing earlier in the week.

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