There are 2 main definitions of sag in English:

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sag 1

Pronunciation: /saɡ/

verb (sags, sagging, sagged)

[no object]
1Sink, subside, or bulge downward under weight or pressure or through lack of strength: he closed his eyes and sagged against the wall the bed sagged in the middle (as adjective sagging) a sagging ceiling about to fall
More example sentences
  • The albums lined his walls on wooden shelves that sagged under their weight.
  • Two of the hardest hours of his life later Kaerin sagged against a wall and slid to it's base, letting his head fall back against the cold stone.
  • She sagged against me, using my supernatural strength as a wall against her drooping form.
sink, slump, loll, flop, crumple
dip, droop;
bulge, bag
1.1Hang down loosely or unevenly: stockings that sagged at the knees
More example sentences
  • It is the central point of your body and, if you are male, by the time you get to 35, it is usually beginning to sag, hanging over your trousers and adding an extra half-dozen to the six-pack you were once so proud of.
  • She was bordering on anorexic and her tiny breasts sagged beneath her shirt.
  • Those trousers sagged so low beneath his ample waist it appeared as if at any moment they might fall about his ankles.
drooping, saggy, bowed, bowing;
hanging limply, dangling;
droopy, wilting
1.2(Of a ship) bend longitudinally so that the middle is lower than the ends. Compare with hog.
2Decline to a lower level, usually temporarily: exports are forging ahead while home sales sag
More example sentences
  • Yet the level of political interest sagged in inverse relation to the proliferation of candidates.
  • Afterwards, the American team became discouraged by the loss and their morale sagged.
  • If you wrote a single book and it came out last year and you want to lift sagging sales, is it so awful to go to current releases and add a reader recommendation to your old book?


1A downward curve or bulge in a structure caused by weakness or excessive weight or pressure: a sag in the middle necessitated a third set of wheels
More example sentences
  • She stood and felt the sag of his weight against her as she dropped him back against the mattress.
  • There's a bit of a sag in the middle of the album, but on the whole Hail To The Thief is a noticeably more inspiring record than Kid A or Amnesiac.
  • A common criticism of telescoping posts is that they affect seat height; make sure you readjust your seat height to compensate for the sag of the post under your riding weight.
1.1 Geometry The amount of this, measured as the perpendicular distance from the middle of the curve to the straight line between the two supporting points.
Example sentences
  • Since rack-mounted systems must fit within a specified vertical envelope, having a large amount of sag can also cause the enclosure to breach this envelope and affect adjacent systems.
  • Rheological properties: Materials are required to be able to resist flow along an open inclined channel and sag in a horizontal channel.
  • We used connectors provided by Tandemloc, part #12900BA - 1PZ, as they were very reliable and allowed no sag when connected.
2A decline, especially a temporary one.
Example sentences
  • Instead of falling, the dollar has risen, helped along by the sag in the euro as it becomes apparent that the eurozone economic model is on the road to nowhere.
  • The only lag in energy - and thus my only very minor criticism - was a brief sag just before the duel scene, which was itself a tad rushed.
  • UPS systems also offer protection from momentary outages and voltage sags.


Late Middle English (as a verb): apparently related to Middle Low German sacken, Dutch zakken 'subside'.

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There are 2 main definitions of sag in English:

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sag 2

Entry from British & World English dictionary


Variant spelling of saag.
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