Definition of satisfy in English:

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Pronunciation: /ˈsadəsˌfī/

verb (satisfies, satisfying, satisfied)

[with object]
1Meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone): I have never been satisfied with my job [no object]: wealth, the promise of the eighties, has failed to satisfy
More example sentences
  • You said that you were satisfied with the summit meeting.
  • If it doesn't make sense or you are not satisfied with it, please tell me.
  • Looking back at the year, we would all say we were satisfied with how it went, because no one expected us to do so well.
1.1Fulfill (a desire or need): social services is trying to satisfy the needs of so many different groups
More example sentences
  • Consumers are motivated by the desire to satisfy complex needs, and these should be the starting-point for all marketing activity.
  • To optimize these decisions, business managers need to know their customers' requirements and seek to satisfy their needs and desires.
  • They were there to serve him and satisfy his needs and whims.
fulfill, gratify, meet, fill;
indulge, cater to, pander to;
appease, assuage;
quench, slake, satiate, sate, take the edge off
1.2Provide (someone) with adequate information or proof so that they are convinced about something: [with object and clause]: people need to be satisfied that the environmental assessments are accurate the chief engineer satisfied himself that it was not a weapon
More example sentences
  • You may be refused support on the basis that you have given inadequate information to satisfy the Secretary of State that you made your asylum claim as soon as practicable after arrival in the UK.
  • Provided he is satisfied that the conduct appears to constitute an extradition crime he is entitled to make an order to proceed.
  • I am also satisfied that the vendor provided the survey and made all reasonable repairs.
convince, persuade, assure;
reassure, put someone's mind at rest
1.3Adequately meet or comply with (a condition, obligation, or demand): the whole team is working to satisfy demand
More example sentences
  • This is an example of businesses reacting to industry conditions and satisfying market demand with supply.
  • Whether it would be sufficient to satisfy extraordinary demands such as those of national defense in today's world is, of course, quite another story.
  • Many evangelicals say they're just trying to satisfy demands not met by traditional churches.
comply with, meet, fulfill, answer, conform to;
measure up to, come up to;
suffice, be good enough, fit/fill the bill
1.4 Mathematics (Of a quantity) make (an equation) true.
Example sentences
  • This equation is satisfied by y= cx+ c2- c.
  • Why do we get so many possible solutions that all satisfy the same differential equation?
1.5Pay off (a debt or creditor): there was insufficient collateral to satisfy the loan
More example sentences
  • Creditors may seize jointly owned assets to satisfy your spouse's debts.
  • Basically they have taken too much debt and are currently restructuring in order to satisfy their creditors.
  • The pledge confers on the creditor a right to sell the chattel involved and to satisfy the debt from the proceeds.
repay, pay (off), settle, make good, discharge, square, liquidate, clear



Pronunciation: /ˌsatisˌfīəˈbilitē/
Example sentences
  • Balaguer responds that the notion of consistency at work in Full-Blooded Platonism is neither the proof-theoretic notion of consistency nor the model-theoretic notion of satisfiability.


Pronunciation: /ˈsadəˌsfīəb(ə)l/
Example sentences
  • What was missing was a procedure to list out all the non-valid formulas, or equivalently to list out all satisfiable formulas.
  • There is nothing that justifies this demand, and nothing that supports the belief that it is satisfiable even in principle.
  • Finsler points out that one needs to distinguish between satisfiable and unsatisfiable circular definitions.


Late Middle English: from Old French satisfier, formed irregularly from Latin satisfacere 'to content', from satis 'enough' + facere 'make'.

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Syllabification: sat·is·fy

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