Definition of scorch in English:

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Pronunciation: /skôrCH/


1 [with object] Burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat: surrounding houses were scorched by heat from the blast
More example sentences
  • I could feel the heat surrounding me, burning me, scorching my skin, causing me to cry out wordlessly in pain.
  • Closely following it was a blast of heat which scorched clothes, ignited buildings and set even the individual blades of grass on fire.
  • The bright suns rays touched her sneakers, scorching them with fiery heat.
burn, sear, singe, char, blacken, discolor
1.1 [no object] Become burned when exposed to heat or a flame: the meat had scorched
More example sentences
  • And then my lips, my tongue, were burning, scorching, stinging from the heat.
  • I dropped my sword in panic because I thought that my hands would scorch in the flames.
  • Stir occasionally for even heating and to prevent scorching.
dry up, desiccate, parch, wither, shrivel;
burn, bake
1.2 (often as adjective scorched) (Of the heat of the sun) cause (vegetation or a place) to become dried out and lifeless: a desolate, scorched landscape
More example sentences
  • I live in an area that was scorched by drought for several years.
  • The countryside had been scorched; the acacia hedges were tipped with orange.
  • In winter much of it is under snow; in spring grass appears, which is scorched dry and swept by the dust storms of summer.
2 [no object] informal (Of a person or vehicle) move very fast: a sports car scorching along the expressway
More example sentences
  • The Glasgow speedster has fallen from grace almost as fast as the winger scorches down the sidelines.
  • This inoffensive-looking car can scorch along at impressive figures, and, as it is based on a chassis with a decent set of dimensions, it has real space for adults in the back.
  • He scorched out of traps to set a blistering pace.


1The burning or charring of the surface of something: [as modifier]: a scorch mark
More example sentences
  • Huge black scorch marks marred the surface that would have normally been a shiny metal.
  • Is that what this scorch mark is all about then?
  • There were no scorch marks, no soiling of any sort.
1.1 Botany A form of plant necrosis, typically of fungal origin, marked by browning of leaf margins.
Example sentences
  • Severe scorch can result in premature leaf or needle loss.
  • And here's another tip: Cover the lower trunk sections in tree-wrap paper or burlap strips to ward off animals, sun scorch and errant weedwacker wires.
  • There is now a noticeable yellow patch developing and the bushes show signs of leaf scorch.


Middle English (as a verb): perhaps related to Old Norse skorpna 'be shriveled'.

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