Definition of seam in English:

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Pronunciation: /sēm/


1A line along which two pieces of fabric are sewn together in a garment or other article.
Example sentences
  • He turned to the foreman and said, ‘The patterns of the side seams on these coats do not match.’
  • The flapper dress echoed the flattened forms and straight seams of the Japanese kimono.
  • Cut two pieces of terry cloth, each as wide as the chair, plus 1-inch seam allowances.
join, stitching;
Surgery  suture
1.1A line where the edges of two pieces of wood, wallpaper, or another material touch each other.
Example sentences
  • Apply the spray to the point of runoff to as many surfaces as possible, especially joints, seams, cracks, ledges, and corners.
  • To hide the rough seams, I purchased raw wood moulding from the lumberyard and finished it to match the aged look of the Arquati frame.
  • A seam roller is a handy tool that flattens the seams between lengths of wallpaper.
1.2A long thin indentation or scar: a sun-scorched face fissured with delicate seams
More example sentences
  • This more recent house on the Izu Peninsula marks a temporary break with mining the fertile seams of Toyko's quixotic urban geology.
2An underground layer, as of ore or coal.
Example sentences
  • A seam of coal about two feet thick was discovered, but underlying this seam of coal was a seam of clay approximately four feet thick.
  • There was a coal seam on his property, a V-shaped trench behind the old homesite where the farm family had dug out chunks for home use.
  • There in the bottom of the brook was a seam of amethyst crystals that averaged perhaps to be one half inch thick and a inch long.


[with object]
1Join with a seam: it can be used for seaming garments
More example sentences
  • When straight-stitch seaming, gently stretch the fabric in front of and behind the presser foot as you sew.
  • Perfect for traveling due to its wrinkle resistance, tussah is appropriate for garments where shaping is produced by seaming, rather than gathering or pleating.
  • Before cutting, review faux fur seaming options and note whether seam allowances will require adjustment.
2 (usually as adjective seamed) Make a long narrow indentation in: men in middle age have seamed faces
More example sentences
  • He was a stocky, dark, hard-countenanced man who had never bothered to have removed the scar that seamed his brow.
  • His face was seamed with wrinkles, and he generally dressed as if he were an unmade bed.
  • They were moving away from the sea, over flat farmlands seamed with stony riverbeds.



bursting (or bulging) at the seams

informal (Of a place or building) full to overflowing.
Example sentences
  • The death of his father and the birth of his son are the framing events for a canvas bursting at the seams with drama and allegory, visual detail and theatrical elaboration.
  • The chosen venue was a trendy tapas joint, which was bursting at the seams with the usual assortment of black-clad denizens.
  • And they're bursting at the seams with some of the problems that I talked about earlier - this notion of reallocating storage and the backup problems.

come (or fall) apart at the seams

informal (Of a person or system) be in a very poor condition and near to collapse: the attitude of the airport guard was symptomatic of a system falling apart at the seams
More example sentences
  • Journalists from all the broadsheets declared that the figures didn't bear up to close scrutiny, fell apart at the seams, and were a ‘swamp of muddled thinking’.
  • Arafat came out unscathed, but the fragile relationship between Israel and the Palestinians fell apart at the seams.
  • Ireland put it under pressure and it fell apart at the seams.


Old English sēam, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zoom and German Saum.

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