Definition of sect in English:


Syllabification: sect
Pronunciation: /sekt


1A group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong.
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  • Christians had gone astray and corrupted the God's scriptures by dividing into different sects and beliefs.
  • Sadhus belong to many different sects or orders.
  • For instance, there were families, which did not mind much about the brides and bridegrooms belonging to different sects.
1.1often derogatory A group that has separated from an established church; a nonconformist church.
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  • Scotland was chosen as the film's setting because of its fundamentalist religious sects and remote communities.
  • As Baptists, our beginnings are traced to dissenting sects of English and European Protestants.
  • The confused situation gave dissenting sects the opportunity to establish themselves.
1.2A philosophical or political group, especially one regarded as extreme or dangerous.
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  • They have tightened security measures to control the influence of extreme political sects among the uprooted multitudes.
  • This was undertaken by far-left groups - small Trotskyist and Maoist sects that were moving far ahead of the mainstream.
  • The dystopian political program of this utterly marginal, extremist sect has absolutely no traction with anyone of significance.


Middle English: from Old French secte or Latin secta, literally 'following', hence 'faction, party', from the stem of sequi 'follow'.

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