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Syllabification: sed·i·ment
Pronunciation: /ˈsedəmənt


1Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid; dregs.
More example sentences
  • Ideally, red and fortified wines should stand upright for about a week before the event to adjust slowly to the increased temperature and to enable any sediment to settle at the bottom of the bottle.
  • There was a lot of sediment at the bottom of the glass, but the wine waiter told us this was a sign of a good wine.
  • The sediment will settle in a thick layer at the bottom.
residue, remains;
technical residuum
1.1 Geology Particulate matter that is carried by water or wind and deposited on the surface of the land or the bottom of a body of water, and may in time become consolidated into rock.
More example sentences
  • Areas of overlying sandy sediments were removed to expose the fossiliferous clay.
  • The generally immature nature of the palaeosols indicates that most vegetation colonized newly deposited fluvial sediments.
  • The proportion of coarse sediment deposited in the plot drains increased with larger storms.


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1Settle as sediment.
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  • Another method was to allow the powder to sediment out of a viscous solution of gum arabic, leaving only the very finest particles in suspension.
  • The solution was allowed to sediment for 24 h and the particles left in suspension were drawn off with a syringe and used for perfusions.
  • Throughout the two protocols described below, cells were allowed to sediment between each step.
1.1(Of a liquid) deposit a sediment.
1.2 [with object] Deposit (something) as a sediment: the DNA was sedimented by centrifugation (as adjective sedimented) sedimented waste
More example sentences
  • Such nuclear suspension was sedimented by gentle centrifugation, the enzyme solution was decanted, and the nuclear pellet was resuspended in 1 x PBS buffer.
  • For the routine measurements of Chl concentration, the cells were sedimented by centrifugation and extracted with 100% methanol.
  • Cellular components were sedimented by centrifugation at 4 [degrees] C, 500 xg for 10 min.


mid 16th century: from French sédiment or Latin sedimentum 'settling', from sedere 'sit'.



Pronunciation: /ˌsedəmənˈtāSHən/
More example sentences
  • According to Sri, the fish farms had also resulted in sedimentation and provided fertilizer for the water hyacinths.
  • The river is fast turning into a drain due to sedimentation and siltation.
  • The life of the dam is estimated to be not more than 30 years because of heavy sedimentation.

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