There are 2 definitions of shingle in English:


Syllabification: shin·gle
Pronunciation: /ˈSHiNGgəl


A mass of small rounded pebbles, especially on a seashore.
More example sentences
  • There were also sand dunes and shingle banks that were later used for building roads in the new town.
  • Most of the Thames Bank is shingle and stone so sand is relatively rare.
  • I find soft, powdery sand, hard sand, loose shingle banks and a couple of streams.


late Middle English: of unknown origin.



Pronunciation: /-g(ə)lē/
More example sentences
  • Without Limmer, there would be no Gimblett Gravels, that shingly region of Hawke's Bay that has assumed legendary winegrowing properties.
  • Canvas shoes are necessary as the shore is shingly.
  • They will spend two weeks at a well-recommended three-star hotel in a quiet area of the old town, a short walk from a shingly beach that shelves gently towards the sea.

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There are 2 definitions of shingle in English:


Syllabification: shin·gle
Pronunciation: /


1A rectangular tile of asphalt composite, wood, metal, or slate used on walls or roofs.
More example sentences
  • Remove enough of the roof shingles, tiles, gravel, or other roofing material down to the tar paper.
  • Roofs may be covered with tiles, wooden shingles, or zinc sheets.
  • Check that your roof isn't missing any shingles, tiles, slates or nails.
2 dated A woman’s short haircut in which the hair tapers from the back of the head to the nape of the neck.
[so named because of the layering]
3North American A small signboard, especially one found outside a doctor’s or lawyer’s office.
More example sentences
  • This is my only reason for justifying the shingle hanging outside in the boulevard.
  • So, I'll leave my shingle hanging outside this virtual stoop a while longer.
  • The shingle on his door says that he is a Jungian analyst.


[with object] Back to top  
1Roof or clad with shingles: (as adjective shingled) a tower surmounted by a shingled spire
More example sentences
  • Once the flat planes of the roof have been shingled, you will need to apply the hip shingles, if you have a hip roof, which will be overlapped by the ridge shingles.
  • The roof was shingled with maroon tiles, and the chimney was made mostly of red brick.
  • So, after two years and $1.4 billion of preparation this is where we're at: a bunch of skilled scientists doing the outer-space equivalent of shingling a roof.
2 dated Cut (a woman’s hair) in a shingle.
More example sentences
  • My hair is shingled, and the longest strands are about nine inches long.
  • And although shingled hair was wildly popular in the period, it still seems to have connoted rejection of traditional relationships.
  • He had taken a liking to my mother, who looked more forward than she was, with her shingled hair and very short skirt showing a lot of silk stocking.


Middle English (as a noun): apparently from Latin scindula, earlier scandula 'a split piece of wood'.


hang out one's shingle

North American Begin to practice a profession.
More example sentences
  • We should be able to hang out our shingle like any other professional.
  • The Los Angeles Angels hung out their shingle to little fanfare in 1961 as an American League expansion franchise.
  • He hung out his shingle in 1988 and has never been a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers because they do not represent his interests.

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