There are 2 main definitions of sib in English:


Syllabification: sib


1chiefly Zoology A brother or sister; a sibling.
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  • In contrast, males that encountered mole-rat scent behaved differently, in several ways, to their sibs that encountered predator scent (at least in high-markers).
  • This allowed experimental chicks to be more successful at competing with sibs (who often had been raised by parents singly or in pairs) when they were returned to their natal nest after the hand-rearing period.
  • In nine cases only one of two same-sex siblings became a breeder; in eight of these it was the heaviest of the two sibs (p =.019, binomial test, n = 9).
2 Anthropology A group of people recognized by an individual as his or her kindred.
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  • Therefore, many researchers expect to see just the sort of discriminating parental investment reported by Mann - behavior that favors more vigorous offspring over their less healthy sibs.


Old English, 'related by birth or descent', of unknown origin. Sense 1 dates from the early 20th century.

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There are 2 main definitions of sib in English:


Syllabification: SIB


Securities and Investment Board, a regulatory body that oversees London’s financial markets.

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