There are 2 definitions of size in English:


Syllabification: size
Pronunciation: /sīz


1The relative extent of something; a thing’s overall dimensions or magnitude; how big something is: the schools varied in size a forest the size of Connecticut houses of all sizes
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  • The craftspeople construct everything in small scale and the houses range in size up to palaces which can cost as much as a full-sized house.
  • The size of the house excluding underground parking is about 4,100 square feet.
  • The houses vary in size, with a choice of one to four bedrooms, sleeping up to eight.
1.1Extensive dimensions or magnitude: she seemed slightly awed by the size of the building
2Each of the classes, typically numbered, into which garments or other articles are divided according to how large they are: I can never find anything in my size
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  • The dress was a couple of sizes too big and with the belt on, the neckline dipped dangerously low.
  • She was barefoot, and wearing only a flowered dress which was a size too big for her skinny frame.
  • Vantage offers Big and Tall sizes in seven basics and bestsellers, including a woven shirt, a windshirt, and a sweater.
2.1A person or garment corresponding to a particular numbered size: she’s a size 10


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1Alter or sort in terms of size or according to size: some drills are sized in millimeters
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  • Yes, I've sort of sized this for a tall 3yo by adding an inch and a half to the length and an inch to the width.
sort, categorize, classify
1.1 (size something up) Estimate or measure something’s dimensions: she was trying to size up a room with a tape measure
1.2 (size someone/something up) informal Form an estimate or rough judgment of someone or something: the two men sized each other up
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  • We went in, sat down, had our pints, but I was watching the lads at the bar watching us, and I knew they were wondering, looking, sizing us up.
  • He was close to becoming a US citizen when Murdoch began sizing him up for the top job at The Sun.
  • And I often see them watching her, sizing her up.


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Having a specified size; sized: marble-size chunks of hail


Middle English (also in the sense 'assize, ordinance fixing a rate of payment'): from Old French sise, from assise 'ordinance', or a shortening of assize.


of a size

(Of two or more people or things) having the same dimensions.

of some size

Fairly large.
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  • So it would have taken an operation of some size, if the stuff was still there, to get it out of there.
  • Underneath the house is a cellar of some size, which is useful for storage.
  • The probability of running into someone 200 miles tall is definitely zero; because you have to have a mother of some size, there are physical limitations.

that's about the size of it

informal Said to confirm someone’s assessment of a situation, especially of one regarded as bad.
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  • He'll do one or two key interviews, and that's about the size of it.
  • He enjoys a beer, but that's about the size of it, just as he does a party, a cigarette in his hand and the company of available young women.
  • Yes, it is certainly more enjoyable to drive around in an open top car, but that's about the size of it.

to size

To the dimensions wanted: the PVC sheet is easily cut to size
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  • Let's chop them down to size and then we'll discuss civility and ethics again.
  • After cutting the rope down to size James returned to his father's house.
  • It'll probably get trimmed down to size before it travels very far, but I was glad to see the playwright's cut.



More example sentences
  • Harbor Freight has several ring sizers for sale.
  • With the window removed, the surgeon tried various sizers to achieve proper medialization of the cord.
  • Trial acetabular sizers are placed in the cavity to further assist with shell size determination.

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There are 2 definitions of size in English:


Syllabification: size
Pronunciation: /


A gelatinous solution used in gilding paper, stiffening textiles, and preparing plastered walls for decoration.


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Treat with size to glaze or stiffen.
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  • Be sure to prime or size any newly applied drywall compound before painting or papering.
  • I suggest you also size the walls before doing this, and as your decorator is a traditionalist I am sure he will agree.


Middle English: perhaps the same word as size1.

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